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The day fair play died
'All I can say is that when Wenger squared up to me on the touchline, I had to hold myself back because he doesn't know how strong I am.'
The Professor v The Dutch Strongman in a "loser leaves Europe" match!


  1. Anonymous9:27 PM

    lets face it, he made a tactical decision to rest players so if he decided to field a full strength team, the gooners wouldn't even have been in that situation in the first place.... and his exceptionally selective memory was working again that day... how many times has Mr Wenger said 'I DIDN'T SEE WHAT HAPPENED'... plus add to the fact the gooners have done that to Sheffield United before so please Mr Wenger STOP taking the moral high ground and just admit your reserves couldn't do the job that day and you had to depend on Thierry (once again)... and finally to be fair to Jol just watch the tv rebroadcast carefully you'll notice he REALLY was shouting some stuff to Davids when the two players collided...

    ---I'm writing this as a Spurs fan but note i'm trying to be objective here---

  2. LondonStatto4:47 AM

    "the gooners have done that to Sheffield United"

    Yes, and Wenger admitted immediately that it was wrong and requested that the game be replayed.