Shearer is dead...

... long live Shearer.

Winning every header, playing in his teamates, scoring goals. These used to be Alan Shearer's trademarks. Now he flings his elbows around and not much else. But Mido put on a Shearer-esque performance v Newcastle creating one and scoring another. He also won so many of Robinson's kicks (hell of a keeper!) with his head, holding possession for TOT and getting the ball to Keane, Tanio and Davids to attack NUFC.

TOT are going to miss him next month during the African Nations Cup. Rasaik hasn't looked anything like a replacement and Martin Jol is going to have to think about restoring his little-little tandem of Keane and Defoe, and reworking his team to accomodate their strengths and weaknesses. Maybe move Davids in from the left to allow Carrick to move further upfield and pass the ball to the smaller, quicker forwards' feet. Or move Jenas into a support striker role behind Keane where he could use his height and athleticism to play the "Mido role".

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