Lots of New Choices...

...and somehow none of them are very attractive this weekend. In some cases it's due to the match-up (ManYoo's new defenders facing Liverpool and Marcus Bent vs. Chelsea). In some cases, it's due to the uncertainty around their place in the line-up (Liverpool's defenders because of Rafa's rotation policies). In other cases, it has to do with the quality of the team that they went to (everyone coming in to Pompey). Evra seems like he'll be a good pick-up on Sunday afternoon and one or both of Liverpool's new defenders might be as well. Maniche is a good stopgap if you need a cheap midfielder this week. What has been missing so far are new, cheap players who might stick in your line-up.

Chelsea - Charlton have been playing better recently but they seem unlikely to be a match for the Champions. Casualties for Chelsea include Drogba, Essien, and Robben. Good bets include Lampard, Cole, Crespo, and Duff. Maniche is likely to start with all the injuries/suspensions in midfield. Marcus Bent is an interesting gamble for Charlton - he's cheap and Chelsea's defense hasn't been nearly as airtight as last year. If you're looking for a cheap alternative, he might be a good one.

The Former "Big Two" - Man United face Liverpool in a battle at the top of the table. My advice is to stick with the players you have at a good price but this isn't the weekend to pick up new guys on either squad - especially the Red Devils.

Arsenal face Everton after a very optimistic week at Highbury. None of the new signings look likely to contribute in the near future but the Gunners have some momentum and are facing an Everton squad that they have done well against recently. Reyes and Henry are in excellent form and should be considered. Pires and Ljungberg also had nice games last week. The backline is unsettled with injuries and the African Cup of Nations. Kerrea Gilbert will fill in for Cole/Clichy and is an excellent stopgap while waiting for Evra to get past the Liverpool match.

Against the Relegation Zone - Birmingham and Pompey match-up in a battle to try to get clear of the relegation zone. Chris Sutton had an excellent debut for Birmingham and is also cheap. Pompey's new acquisitions failed to impress in their first week so I'd stay away from them until the squad gels and one or more of them show some potential.

Sunderland also play relegation strugglers West Brom in a match that no one wants to watch. Not a lot to like here, I'd stay away unless you're really struggling to make a budget work.

Random Notes - Villa who have not been good on the road, travel to Spurs...Carrick has been a solid contributor and is likely to have a good match here...Look for Defoe to be motivated as he has a short window to re-establish himself while Mido is gone...Baros and Milner, who have both been playing well, are not likely to have their best weeks...Paul Robinson is a good bet in goal...Newcastle v. Blackburn - yuck but MGP is in form and worth a look...Check out the Boro v. Wigan match to see how Stewart Downing looks in his return to the squad - probably a better bet for next week but not a terrible bet this weekend...Mellor is likely to start for Wigan and he's cheap and facing a team in decline...Man City and Bolton are both prone to inconsistency and I wouldn't bet more than a couple pennies on this match...Barton and Sun are the only two guys I'd spend much time worrying about...

That's about it for the week, sorry it was so brief but I'm in a meeting all day...

Happy Shopping

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  1. hoping to beat jeremy to the punch. What about David "Ouch" Thompson?