Monday Morning Manager

Greetings, fellow fantasy managers. Glad to have you here this morning. And I would like to welcome David O'Leary who has finally gotten around to reading the Manager. How else do you explain this:
Aston Villa manager David O'Leary wants striker Kevin Phillips to model his game on Teddy Sheringham.

O'Leary is keen to transform the former Sunderland star from an out-and-out striker into a playmaker who sits behind the frontrunner, in the manner which has made Sheringham such a success.

The Villa boss believes Phillips is not as effective as a goalscorer without a tall partner, but he feels he still has the attributes to play alongside Milan Baros in a revised role.
Now why does all that sound familiar? Because the Manager said the same thing 6 months ago!
Kevin Phillips and Milan Baros kicked off their new partnership in fine style, beating Rovers and combining well through-out the game, but mostly on Baros' 13th minute goal. It will be interesting to watch these two play together as they both made their names playing off a larger target forward. Niall Quinn for Phillips at Sunderland, and Jan Koller for Baros on the Czech Republic national team. My guess is that Phillips becomes more of the set-up man as he seems to have a better sense of the game. He plays with his head up and looks for the right pass whereas Baros puts his head down and runs at the defense.

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