More from your friendly neighborhood columnist... commentary on the fantastic week/weekend at Highbury


  1. · Sold best two central midfielders with no replacements;

    Viera, and...



    HOLY SHIT! It's pretty bad when one of your 2 best middies is Edu. And I liked the guy!

  2. Ahhhhhhh - Neal, your plan is working perfectly. I felt I needed to post this comment from the site in regard to your article. Worth a chuckle or three...

    "Deryck LA

    1/16/2006 5:41 PM
    What kind of medium is this, where this guy gets to constantly rip other clubs and praise Arsenal on a weekly basis? Where are the other reporters who get to openly laud their teams? You are reaching for straws Dear resident! A true Arsenal fan would be questioning the 19 and 21 yr old signings, with a 17 year old on his way. Everyone can see that Arsenal has enough "potential" on their team. Arsenal need experience! People who can make an impact now! Wenger is turning out to be a stubborn fool, with players on his team openly requesting him to bring in some experienced players. Please stop putting out these garbage articles every week, where biases seemed to be chucked out the window. Do you think Chelsea, Man U and Liverpool are standing still, while Arsenal are buying these little boys? Wake up "resident" Gunner! "

    As Mr. Burns likes to say: "Excellent"

  3. Always nice to hear from the unwashed masses no matter how inane their comments. It wouldn't appear that our dear commenter actually read the article but I'd rather he rip me than say nothing. Apparently he's done so often enough to know that I write about Arsenal a lot ;-) What I have to say can't be THAT bad if he keeps coming back.

    As for your Edu comment J, a sad state of affairs indeed but can you disagree? Gilberto - terrible; Cesc - too young and physically immature for the Prem; Flamini - too young AND will probably never be that good. The question is "is Edu better than anyone currently playing central midfield at Highbury WITH his ACL torn?"