Hammers Ready To Up Ashton Bid - Yahoo! Sport UK

"West Ham are ready to test Norwich's determination to keep striker Dean Ashton by raising their bid for him to over £7million."

Not sure how Neal will feel about this. Sure, it gets his boy Ashton back into the EPL. In London no less. But still a far cry from Highbury.


  1. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Who do I buy this week?

    I have Henry and Lampard in my team!

    This week there's just too many players to buy.

    There's Maniche, Scharner, Evra, Vidic, Downing's back, Sutton, Ashley Cole's back, Riera, Kromkamp, etc.

    I think Maniche, Evra, Downing, Cole are all looking really good, but I just can't fit them into my team! I already have Dawson and Lee in defence at cheap prices.

    Evra, Cole, Scharner and Downing are probably the best long term buys. Maniche is not going to play in future games.

    Who do I get???

  2. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Get rid of Lampard and get yourself a more balanced team. Evra & Scharner are both well worth to pick up

  3. Anonymous10:53 AM

    i think lampard will score loads this week. he's been dry for a while, so i reckon this could be a big week. especially becoz they r playing charlton at home.

    i can't drop henry vs everton (they beat them 7-0 last year. and henry has just scored a hat-trick.

    evra is playing vs liverpool this week. i may as well get him next week. maniche should do well (playing against charlton too and should start).

    the problem is i'm about $0.5 short of cash to get every1 i want

  4. With Arsenal's signing of Adebayor and the chasing of Walcott, I've pretty much given up on Ashton heading to Highbury - given that, West Ham are as good a landing point as any - great young talent base and convenient London location making it easy to watch him play live when I'm in town.