When Sir Alex does speaks to the press...

... he has a nice turn of phrase:
"Hopefully that does give him [Rio Ferdinand] the confidence to attack the ball in the penalty box. It was a marvellous leap and a great header. He's 6ft 4in with a big enough head."


  1. Anonymous4:39 AM

    Not too impressed with you fcukers showing that gobshite's goal as your header image.
    I thought you guys were Arse fans.

    Is this a United blogspot or a football blog?

  2. Anonymous10:26 AM

    shut up you sore loser.


    arsenal are playing west ham this week. why isn't it on yahoo?

  3. 1. don't confuse neal's affinity for the gunners as site policy. we love all EPL teams, from Chelsea to Reading... I mean Sunderland.

    2. I'm not celebrating Rio's goal. Hell, I have Reina in my team and that moment cost me around 10pts.

    And that's just it... this is a FANTASY EPL blog. There are plenty of Arsenal sites or ManU (pro- and anti-) fanzines. You want to talk about the team go there. You want to bash your rivals, talk on their message boards. If you want our take on the riduculously self-important and ultimately self-gratifiying (that's another site too) world of FANTASY EPL then we welcome you.

  4. I think Jeremy's actually a Newcastle fan if you can believe that - we're lucky that we don't get pictures of Owen/Emre/Parker clutching their respective pulled hamstrings/broken bones/turned ankles every week mixed in with my pimping for the Gunners and general mocking of ManYoo and sour grapes about Chelsea...