When it rains it pours.

And that isn't a reference to the number of ManU-related posts in the last few days.
United also revealed today that John O'Shea will be out for up to six weeks with fractured ribs.
Guess we'll see more of the Giggs as a central middie experiment in the next few weeks. And Richardson's run in the team will continue even after CRonaldo returns from suspension (depending on the extent of Park's injury).


  1. No doubt! I am just now following the Carling Cup matchcast and Ryan Giggs has been substituted due to injury in the 13th minute...its Katrina up in here! Newcastle who?

  2. Great blog. I just googled 'EPL blogs' and yours came up.

  3. and we've done next to no search engine optimization! ;-)

    thanks, lena.

    As for ManU... I'm sorry if Giggs can't play in the FA Cup game v Wolves b/c of the amazing goal he scored against them, what was it, 8 years ago?

  4. I'm concerned about the current Henry situation - the Fantasy league doesn't list Arsenal as having a game next week, yet the fixture list implies that they do.I'm assuming this is a mistake yet I'd be grateful if someone could clear this up.

    Does anyone have any top 10 worst or best signings tales. i Remember getting riggott on a steal before he delivered a cool minus five -and dropping Chimbonda when he hit form.

    nice blog - don't like the acronym EPL tho.