How many chucks could a wood chuck chuck

Obsessively detailed analysis from a bored analyst:
buttonmoulder: ok, here's the math. For the season, NUFC is averaging 1.3 points per game (20 matches for 26 points). If they continue the average for the rest of the season, they will end up with 49.4 points on the year. Obviously, NUFC's success has a lot to do with Owen, so let's factor that in. In the games Owen has played, NUFC averages 2.1 points per game (7 W, 0 T, 3 L). With that sort of average for the rest of the season, they would be looking at 63.8 points at season's end. Without Owen, NUFC averages 0.7 points per game (1 W, 4 T, 5 L). With the non-Owen production factored in for the remainder of the season, they will finish up at 38.6 points. Given the ubercrappy form of the teams at the bottom of the table, that would probably be just enough to stave off relegation. Hate to be a Geordie with a weak ticker though.

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  1. NERD ALERT. Must be lonely up in the woods of NH.