Monday Morning Manager Special

Halfway point in the Yahoo! game...

Holiday season...

... that can only mean that it's time for lists and more lists! As that Manager is a sucker for bandwagons and happily follows the herd, he presents his Monday Morning Manager's Midway Mentions of Merit © ® TM.
The Yo-yo
To Michael Owen. Some games it's 3 goals on 7 shots. Other games he literally doesn't touch the ball. It's enough to drive fantasy managers insane. Oh, and honorable mention to Jon Wolfsthal who rises from first place in our private group before dropping to 8th and then climbing his way back to third. Who knew that having a job could be so distracting?

The "My Ankle Bracelet was Attached to the Touch Line, and Now it's Attached to the Bench" Award
To Jermaine Pennant, a spark of attacking creativity in a Birmingham side sorely lacking. Yet for all his work -- winning corners and sending over early crosses -- he finds himself on the bench more often than not these days.

"I can't believe I'm losing to this guy"
To Collins John for his run in weeks 10-15. Taking kicks, scoring goals. Everything you could want from a $6 striker on a crappy team. Meanwhile I had Mido. WTF?

"Dear God no, not THAT midfielder!"
To Arsene Wenger who must have been on a bad mobile phone connection when he agreed to sell Patrick Viera to Juve. He thought he was selling Pires and then was too embarassed to admit that he had made a mistake. It's the only explanation.

Rolling Back the Years
This was going to Manchester United who looked like they were back to their old habit of soundly beating the teams that they had to beat. But since dropping points to Birmingham, we'll just move on...

Manager of the Year (so far)
To Harry Redkapp for showing that a manager with half a clue and a passing understanding of the native tongue of the majority of his team can turn a collection of players into a football side. We're not talking miracle working here, just basic things like settling on a formation and realizing who can play where within that framework.

Player of the Year (so far)
Not even close. Frank Lampard. Otherwise there have been too many injuries and too much inconsistent play.

While we're on the subject of this family...
When was the last time you heard Frank Lampard's son refered to as Jr?

All Alice-Band Team
Aston Villa. With Berger, Baros and Angel on the pitch together it looks like an eighties metal-head reunion.

On the topic of bad hair, kudos to Liverpool for bringing back the "Sho-nuff" look.

Until Monday,
The Manager

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