Transfers and how to pick them

to rip off Michael Stipe, "If I write a book it will be called 'Transfers and how to Pick Them'"

JSpitzberg: marcus bent to charlton
JSpitzberg: bent/bent
buttonmoulder: get really bent
JSpitzberg: @Chelsea this weekend
JSpitzberg: but he's 5.51
buttonmoulder: may be 4.51 next monday
JSpitzberg: i can afford chris sutton
JSpitzberg: 6.13
JSpitzberg: home to POR
JSpitzberg: new POR guys under 6
JSpitzberg: wonder if evra is posted
JSpitzberg: rasiak at 3.46
buttonmoulder: he did so well on sat
JSpitzberg: evra at 5.54
buttonmoulder: meant for evra, but applicable to the POR folk as well
JSpitzberg: 6pts
JSpitzberg: had a monster game accrding to yahoo
JSpitzberg: 5tw 5pi
JSpitzberg: still a buck and a half cheaper than gnev
buttonmoulder: i have sun at 4.65
JSpitzberg: new wigan guy listed as a defender
JSpitzberg: 5.57 with a 6.5 pt week
JSpitzberg: not sure if he's a starter
JSpitzberg: but i think he played in midfield
JSpitzberg: krompkamp at 5.48
buttonmoulder: listed as a middie or defender?
JSpitzberg: d
buttonmoulder: that might not be the worst pick
buttonmoulder: save 50 cents on dawson
buttonmoulder: though dawson has been a really productive pick
JSpitzberg: pick him (not a starter) over evra (not a finisher)
JSpitzberg: dawson the next evolution of the DNH defender
buttonmoulder: pretty much
buttonmoulder: and as long as tot go humming along, he gets points
JSpitzberg: the do some good defender
buttonmoulder: might as well. you are in for $5-6 either way
buttonmoulder: days of the $1 DNH are over
JSpitzberg: long live the Do No Harm defender

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  1. Pretty sure Scharner will be a starter for WIG as if they've spent a couple of million he'll play!!

    I expect him to play at the back instead of Henchoz when the midfield is fit again.

    Saw him in the flesh v ARS last week and he looks the real deal.

    Top site by the way!!