Sunderland/Chelsea - Live "commentary"

... or, "Following the Game/Matchcast Cross-Country".

[08:30] JSpitzberg: what did i miss?
[08:31] buttonmoulder: 1 - oh to the sunderland
[08:31] buttonmoulder: liam lawrence assisted by henry
[08:31] buttonmoulder: and frank lampard has had about 22 shots
[08:32] buttonmoulder: looks like korean scientists cloned about a half-doz lampards
[08:34] JSpitzberg: crespo doing the "you can put me in but you can't make me play" routine?
[08:36] buttonmoulder: stead booked so he is back to evens
[08:37] buttonmoulder: apparently crespo had a golden opportunity off a blocked shot
[08:37] buttonmoulder: but couldn't put it in
[08:38] JSpitzberg: :-(
[08:38] JSpitzberg: cmon!
[08:39] buttonmoulder: woohoo!
[08:39] buttonmoulder: go us
[08:39] JSpitzberg: yeah us
[08:39] buttonmoulder: and lamps didn't help
[08:40] JSpitzberg: we've temporarily reversed the polarity of the SLOPPI
[08:40] buttonmoulder: nah. but given yeasterday's math, that's gotta be worth at least .5 points for me
[08:40] JSpitzberg: cross-SPLOPPI-nization
[08:43] buttonmoulder: crespo "in the thick of the action"
[08:43] buttonmoulder: that's exactly the sort of thing that happens when the koreans try to clone things
[08:45] JSpitzberg: sunderland are actually trying
[08:46] JSpitzberg: good for them
[08:46] buttonmoulder: sunderland can't wait to play boro
[08:47] JSpitzberg: what is robben doing?
[08:47] buttonmoulder: getting booked
[08:47] JSpitzberg: is he trying to drop his value so I can afford a real 4th middie?
[08:47] buttonmoulder: ha
[08:48] JSpitzberg: stead shooting on sight
[08:48] buttonmoulder: J. Lampstead
[08:49] JSpitzberg: but stead's are on target
[08:49] JSpitzberg: Young, L
[08:49] buttonmoulder: robben CW
[08:49] JSpitzberg: Croft, L
[08:49] buttonmoulder: ha
[08:52] buttonmoulder: d-ho CW (for sunderland, but points are points)
[08:53] JSpitzberg: almost time for the orange slices
[08:54] JSpitzberg: then CHE come out and steam roll SUN
[08:54] JSpitzberg: cole on for crespo
[08:54] JSpitzberg: lamps with 2
[08:54] JSpitzberg: robben with an assist and foul won for lamps 2nd from the spot
[09:10] JSpitzberg: [09:08] jonwolf2k: wigan goes down
[09:08] jonwolf2k: what is up with that team
[09:08] jonwolf2k: want to like em, don't trust em
[09:08] jonwolf2k: and nada for bullard
[09:08] jonwolf2k: sorry
[09:10] JSpitzberg: boy, will he be surprised with his 12pts
[09:10] JSpitzberg: ;-)
[09:10] buttonmoulder: ha
[09:12] JSpitzberg: dear jose,
[09:12] JSpitzberg: please keep crespo in the game
[09:12] JSpitzberg: and let robben take kicks
[09:12] JSpitzberg: thank you.
[09:12] JSpitzberg: ps. i've been very good this year
[09:15] buttonmoulder: cole for lamps
[09:15] buttonmoulder: more firepower up front
[09:16] buttonmoulder: all i ask
[09:16] JSpitzberg: ps. i've been very good this year
[09:16] buttonmoulder: all two weeks of it
[09:17] buttonmoulder: jama walk time
[09:18] buttonmoulder: back in a few minutes
[09:22] JSpitzberg: shooting drills for CHE
[09:23] JSpitzberg: and they seem to need the practice
[09:28] JSpitzberg: this is brutal
[09:34] buttonmoulder: two SOGs for crespo, robben and lamps
[09:34] JSpitzberg: Substitution, Chelsea. Damien Duff midfielder replaces Joe Cole.
[09:34] JSpitzberg: i wanna see the last 15 mins when FSC shows it on Wed
[09:35] JSpitzberg: something like 7 shots on for CHE
[09:35] JSpitzberg: and at least 2 for SUn
[09:36] JSpitzberg: so far i'm glad i didn't go with the ice man
[09:36] JSpitzberg: seems to be the only one out of the action
[09:37] JSpitzberg: he's sitting in ruud's lounge chair in the center circle
[09:37] buttonmoulder: him and carlton cole
[09:37] JSpitzberg: carlton cole running out every once and a while to freshen his mai tai
[09:37] buttonmoulder: i love the little yellow umbrellas
[09:37] buttonmoulder: brutal here too
[09:38] buttonmoulder: temps 0-5, 20 mph winds with stronger gusts
[09:38] buttonmoulder: dog got about 50 feet
[09:38] JSpitzberg: brrr
[09:38] JSpitzberg: it's raining here
[09:38] JSpitzberg: in a lazy sunday kind of way
[09:38] buttonmoulder: same here
[09:38] JSpitzberg: drizzling every once and a while
[09:39] buttonmoulder: no point in going outside
[09:39] JSpitzberg: not when there's EPL on the computer
[09:39] buttonmoulder: woo hoo!
[09:40] buttonmoulder: oh hell
[09:40] buttonmoulder: feckin karma
[09:40] JSpitzberg: wtf?
[09:40] JSpitzberg: he's up
[09:40] JSpitzberg: he's down
[09:40] JSpitzberg: i'm laughing
[09:41] JSpitzberg: i'm crying
[09:41] JSpitzberg: jesus
[09:41] buttonmoulder: how did cole get the assist?
[09:41] JSpitzberg: matchcast says gallas
[09:42] JSpitzberg: i have robben at 70 cents under cost
[09:42] JSpitzberg: wonder what this will do to his value?
[09:42] JSpitzberg: but I guess i'm moving for pires @EVE
[09:42] JSpitzberg: or duff
[09:42] JSpitzberg: or both, actually ;-)
[09:42] buttonmoulder: crespo out
[09:43] buttonmoulder: well that ended things quickly
[09:43] JSpitzberg: only negative rooting remains
[09:43] JSpitzberg: boo lampard
[09:43] JSpitzberg: go sunderland
[09:44] buttonmoulder: +16, minus 9
[09:44] buttonmoulder: 7 points for robben
[09:44] buttonmoulder: lamps at 12 and rising
[09:45] JSpitzberg: crespo - 16
[09:45] JSpitzberg: and staying there
[09:45] buttonmoulder: crespo 15 on paper, so about 3.50 based on yesterday
[09:46] JSpitzberg: hopefully the fog rolls in right about now
[09:46] JSpitzberg: or the pitch freezes
[09:46] JSpitzberg: or polar bears escape
[09:46] buttonmoulder: or lamps gets sent off
[09:47] JSpitzberg: pennant home to POR next week
[09:48] JSpitzberg: duff home to charlton
[09:48] JSpitzberg: pires @ eve
[09:52] buttonmoulder: why is gamecast shouting everything
[09:52] JSpitzberg: very exciting throw ins
[09:53] JSpitzberg: jose holding on the for the win
[09:53] JSpitzberg: ice man out for huth
[09:53] JSpitzberg: HUTH!
[09:54] JSpitzberg: wow... i almost had ice man and c ronaldo this weekend
[09:54] JSpitzberg: one red card is plenty
[09:54] JSpitzberg: 2 would have been a nightmare
[09:55] buttonmoulder: bolton killed themselves with their early dismissal
[09:55] JSpitzberg: that game was brutal
[09:55] JSpitzberg: they almost played football (soccer) in the second half
[09:55] JSpitzberg: but the first half was closer to a fight than a game
[09:56] JSpitzberg: blow the whistle ref!
[09:57] buttonmoulder: end this game
[09:58] JSpitzberg: end it!
[09:58] JSpitzberg: duff sc, ccole sot
[09:58] JSpitzberg: get them on the barn door!
[09:59] JSpitzberg: 2 yellows/red is a one game suspension?
[09:59] buttonmoulder: i think
[09:59] buttonmoulder: crap
[09:59] buttonmoulder: what a mess this weekend has become
[10:00] buttonmoulder: tried to buy henry yesterday, but they were quick with the lockdown
[10:00] JSpitzberg: that was a surprise
[10:00] JSpitzberg: hadn't done that in a while
[10:02] buttonmoulder: viduka is the pick for next weekend
[10:02] JSpitzberg: ccole yellow
[10:02] JSpitzberg: he's cementing crespo's starting spot
[10:02] JSpitzberg: xfer window almost closed....
[10:02] JSpitzberg: everyone else almost out of boro
[10:02] JSpitzberg: it's his turn
[10:03] buttonmoulder: c'mon sunderland
[10:04] JSpitzberg: c'mon ref
[10:04] buttonmoulder: there you go

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