Too little, too late?

Here's our analysis of the weekend from Friday. Turned out we were almost right on some things and totally wrong on others. Of course since it's now Monday and of no use to anyone (I know, you're welcome) I'm only posting what we got right. ;-)

[09:09] buttonmoulder: sky thinks NUFC/Blackburn will go 1-1
[09:09] buttonmoulder: that's optimistic
[09:10] JSpitzberg: not for blackburn
[09:10] buttonmoulder: man to watch: beer guy

[09:25] JSpitzberg: pennant AND sutton too much BRM?
[09:25] JSpitzberg: and speaking of which, is dunn in that $ range?
[09:26] buttonmoulder: no help on the chelsea site
[09:26] JSpitzberg: might not be the worst pick ever
[09:26] JSpitzberg: you figure BRM have to come out to try and kill POR

[11:07] buttonmoulder: on the other hand, i am playing with luque, so basically a 3-4-2
[11:12] JSpitzberg: ;-)
[11:12] buttonmoulder: he's $5. and can't suck forever
[11:12] buttonmoulder: right?
[11:12] buttonmoulder: right?
[11:13] JSpitzberg: he starts
[11:13] buttonmoulder: yeah. that's basically why i have him
[11:13] buttonmoulder: and he shoots constantly
[11:13] JSpitzberg: more than you can say for john
[11:13] buttonmoulder: kind of where kewell was three weeks ago
[11:13] buttonmoulder: shooting, but into row zed
[11:13] JSpitzberg: can't suck forever

[11:47] JSpitzberg: just got the feeling that BRM are going to try and out-tall POR
[11:47] JSpitzberg: jarosik in close support of heskey and sutton
[11:48] JSpitzberg: early crosses
[11:48] JSpitzberg: from pennant and dunn
[11:48] JSpitzberg: win some corners
[11:48] JSpitzberg: send up upson
[11:48] buttonmoulder: makes sense
[11:49] JSpitzberg: one of those games where jose would play Huth
[11:49] buttonmoulder: that's a major reason why pennant went in the squad first thing last weekend
[11:49] buttonmoulder: ha
[11:49] buttonmoulder: i don't seriously think that birm will actually score
[11:49] buttonmoulder: but i do think they will be tossing crosses in all afternoon

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  1. Anonymous4:41 AM

    Why do you post this rubbish?

    Your columns can be decent enough, but this stuff shows how little you know about football.

    I would give it a miss.