Rooney "will be fit"

So says Sir Alex:
United take on Aston Villa in the Premier League on Saturday and Fergie said he expected to have some of his injured players back.

"We expect Nemanja Vidic to be fit for Saturday's game," said Fergie.

"Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov will both be fit, as will Ryan Giggs.


  1. GREAT news for a Tuesday! Will wait till Friday but looks like he's worth keeping at 16!

  2. I'll trade him anyways I don't like the ManU attack right now. I didn't see Rooney take that many chances at net last week and against a weaker defense.Aston Villa seem to preform well against the top four teams.

  3. Bradley1:14 AM

    Fergie plays more mind games before 9 AM than most people do all day. He was probably generating pre-emptive cover for leaving the top-tier players out of the line-up lest they lose to Wolfsburg.

  4. Anonymous8:50 AM

    As Rooney has been injured whats the betting that he doesnt start against wolves...if youre gonna rest him, then thats the time...