Midweek Team News

No, there isn't anything more frustrating than midweek team news.  You've already made your decisions and this can't help you one little bit.  But I'm posting it because it may start informing your decisions for this upcoming weekend.  With Drogba in an injury scare and other popular fantasy players like Giggs and Traore suffering from hamstring injuries of some severity it's worth a look.
Wednesday Updates:


  1. Anonymous2:44 PM

    First!!!! Oh sorry...a reflex action. WOLVES HAVE RESTED ALL TEN OUTFIELD PLAYERS!!!!

  2. Richard Pitts3:55 PM

    My line-up: Probbo, Vermo, SeaBass, Traore, Walcott, Mok, Gibson, Benayoun, Benitez, Defoe, Rooney

    After a weekend of 70.5 points where Benitez outscored Rooney and Defoe put together I am loving midweek thus far. Rooney with a penalty and Gibson getting lots of phantom points. Droggers being crocked makes my weekend even better.