How did you do?

Our long midweek nightmare is finally over. How did you do?

I got goals from Rooney and Kranjcar, and a clean sheet from Bassong. I was also 90 seconds away from a Reina clean sheet before N'Zogbia put a minus nine (6 lost for the clean sheet and three lost for the goal allowe) on me. And yes, I'm VERY bitter about that.

On the barn door, which is still open:

Rooney to Anelka
Kranjcar to Arshavin
Reid to Nasri
Bowyer to Chung-Yong Lee
Jordan to Sylvinho

Phew! Didn't realize there were that many changes until I saw them all in one place. With Cesc coming off injured today, I'll be looking at Ramsey as a cheap middie and I would still love to pick up Milijas. Also, I would like to get off the Chucho bandwagon so I'll be trying to move to Eduardo as well. Too much Arsenal, perhaps. But home to Hull... Maybe I even gut Reina to make it happen.

Stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous5:38 PM

    (sorry, couldn't resist.)

  2. Tundra United5:43 PM

    Major changes following this week of my FF discontent:
    Cech (don't remind me) to PRobbo
    RJohn to Verm (keeping GAlex and SeaBass)
    Mikel, Elliott, Brown to Milijas, O'Hara, Nasri (keeping Arsh)
    Defoe, Chucho to Elk, Blake (keeping Drogs; bought Elk on the weekend at 14 with an eye toward January)
    All VERY subject to change.

    The Drogs-in-January debate is the big thing on my mind right now. And I'd like to get more Villa players on board for the next few weeks.

  3. Today's points up... yesterday still MIA.

  4. yeah whats the deal with that?

  5. 163.50 w/o yesterday's points. Waiting on Rooney, Benitez, Bent and Hart. Corluka with a surprise 18. O'Hara keeps getting it done at 5.73. Disappointed with Huddlestone's 15. Drogs out helps me.

  6. 178 with Rooney, Chucho, and Larsson to go. So, hopefully around 205 or 210. I'm up to around 1700 from over 3000 at the start of the week. So far, so good. I want to be back up in the top 1000 by the end of the holiday fixtures.

  7. bp90007:36 PM

    At 149 so far, but Milner, Lee, Rooney, Larsssson, and Chucho points still to be tallied - the former 3 all scored, so fingers crossed for 200 total for this DW. Currently at position 1243 - should go higher yet by the time Yahoo has sorted out all the points. Woohoo.

  8. Jimbo8:38 PM

    Yahoo reaches a new height/depth in competence by skipping Tuesday. How long before someone posts to ask Jeremy where their points are? Almost as tiresome as "Rate my team pleeeeeze."

  9. Almunia/Lennon/Eagles/Grella

  10. Really kicking around dumping Drogs now. I got him last week at 19 but would go with Torres/Benitez/Klasnic up front and spread the extra 10 to my midfield or goalie. Any idea as to how long Drogs is out?

  11. Anonymous11:05 PM


  12. Anonymous2:34 AM

    Can someone help me. I had Drogba in as captain for the midweek game. He never played, and i specified captains replacement as per 'form'. I was given Eagles from Burnley as captain, while i had other players who scored far more points.

  13. Anonymous4:01 AM

    captain? what game are you playing lol

  14. Anonymous4:33 AM

    I think he is talking about the official game

  15. Richard Pitts5:15 AM

    I'm on 102.5 with Rooney, Benitez, Gibson, Probbo still to play. I junked my team to get Defoe and Rooney and it really didn't come off as Benitez outscored their combined tally in round one. as I am chasing a 200 deficit in my group i needed to gamble though. Really regretting dropping Drogs. I think Arshavin is a must-have for the weekend. My other tip is Fletcher of Burnley. If there is any justice in the world Burnely must win.

  16. Anonymous6:15 AM

    Who is Chucho??

  17. Chucho Benitez

  18. 176 points for DG. Thanks Jeremy and Neal.

  19. LBarroso11:53 AM

    Ended up with 165.5 for the week. A little dissapointed as I was hoping to break 200.

  20. DeviL9:40 AM

    How about Ritchie de Laet??