Didier Drogba injures back during training

Don't you just LOVE double weeks?

The Guardian reports:
Chelsea could be without 18-goal striker Didier Drogba against Portsmouth after the Ivory Coast international hurt his back in a training ground incident earlier today.

Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti revealed that Drogba had to leave their training session after sustaining the injury which now threatens his participation against Avram Grant's struggling side.
Maybe we'll get an early look at how Chelsea plan to line up in January when Drogba, Essien and Kalou (all three injured now!) leave for the African Cup of Nations.  And for more on that, check out the Y!AM's look at the "drop or not to drop" Drogba dilemma.
...will Drogba score enough points the rest of the way (after his return) to cover off 4 weeks of zero, compared to the scores you could get during those 4 weeks PLUS the rest of the way?

Well, quite possibly.


  1. As long he can walk
    he will play..
    believe me

  2. And the Guardian are pretty credible as far as I'm concerned...I always used to buy the Guardian on a Saturday morning for their great sport pullout when I lived in England.

    As for Drogs, I have to say I'm delighted! I was one of those that offloaded him when he got injured (been cursing myself ever since) so for him to possibly miss a sure fire Chelsea goal feast sounds great for me as I also have the Elk and Lamps who could cash in on his greediness!

  3. rwlwhite11:52 AM

    depends, did he leave the training ground rolling around clutching his back like he does in matches (i.e. faking) or did he really injure it! My intuition tells me he will play

  4. Anonymous12:06 PM

    One thing to consider about the Drogba situation is that he should be leaving for the ACN soon...therefore prompting me to believe that Ancelotti may be telling him to fake an injury so that he stays and plays for Chelsea...Typical Chelsea, always trying to get away with things. Sure he may have to miss one of those ACN games, but he will be with Chelsea.

  5. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Look at CHE's fixtures during the ACN...they won't need Drogs. He'll be gone in January.

    Now, with the way he fakes during matches, it's reasonable to assume he can't turn that mechanism off in practice either, so he'll be fine for tomorrow's match.

  6. Read earlier today on the Chelsea site that they will have Kalou back for tomorrow and Alex will start for Ricky Ricardo.

  7. Don't you just LOVE midweek matches?

  8. I love it when you pick Lorik Cana as an enabler and he gets 3 yellows in 2 games...good one!

  9. Ouch! That's worse than the first game red/missing the second.

  10. Anonymous4:54 AM

    drogba fakes last time. But this season he seems quite clean...