The Barn Door Live - Snowed In Edition

Hello everyone, I'm coming to you live from the basement in snow-bound Mclean, Va.  We had about 8" of snow since midnight last night with the promise of more to come today.  It looks great outside and what better excuse to stick around in an online chat between now and when Arsenal and Hull finish up in about 7 hours.

Here's the line-up I'll be following: Reina, Verm, Heiti, Foley, BFAR, O'Hara, Eagles, Bowyer, Arshavin, Drogs, and Klasnic. Seems that there was a move on the Chat last weekend to dive off of the Birmingham bandwagon.  Did you dive off? If so, why?  Come on in, announce yourself, let us know what your line-up is, and start chatting.  Oh yeah, if you get in early enough to get an automatic posting spot, please let me know when you leave so I can give the spot to someone else.

Cheers - Neal


  1. DeviL1:06 PM

    What a bad week. For now,

    Kuszcak -5
    Rooney 1
    Milner 1
    Grella 4

    Wow !!!

  2. woke up later for live chat (usa west coast), but noticed a lot of chatter about picking up Fulham players for next week and possible 3 gamers? yahoo only lists two matches for each team for week 17. Fulham is home to Spurs and away to Chelsea. Doesn't seem like great matchups?

  3. @bean- the header for next week's team selection says "Week 17 (deadline: Sat 26 Dec 7:00 EST, for games Dec 26 to Jan 8)" Jan 8 would include Stoke-Fulham on Jan 5 and Arsenal-Bolton on Jan 6. While in the past Yahoo have left matches off the fixture list, they rarely get the dates wrong for the scoring period. So it's a good bet that those 4 teams have a 3 match week.

  4. Yes, I would also assume Stoke, Fulham, Arsenal, Bolton to be a 3 gamers as what Jim said.

  5. Anonymous10:31 PM

    no...what is wrong with people...there will not be a 3 gamer week, but there may be a week with onl 4 teams hard a concept is this to grasp ????

  6. Pal, Can you not read?! You will feel foolish after this post...

    "Week 17 (deadline: Sat 26 Dec 7:00 EST, for games Dec 26 to Jan 8)" Jan 8 would include Stoke-Fulham on Jan 5 and Arsenal-Bolton on Jan 6."

    just because has those 4 games in a 'previous' week' doesn't mean YAHOO does.

  7. that logic makes sense. we'll see how yahoo shakes it out. you just never know with them, the extra matches could disappear entirely for all I know.. though they seem to be a little more on the ball this year, hopefully it will be cleared up this week.

  8. Lill-Jonke8:39 AM

    3 gamer week happened last year so why not now? A few years ago Yahoo made 2 matches into a week but the last two(?) years they have never done it so I´m sure it will be a 3 gamer, especially as it specifically says so in the deadline info.