How you doin'?

I was doing pretty lousy. But now... Now I'm better.

I had a pretty bad Saturday with 32 points from 5 players. Tevez was my high scorer with 14.5, and Given was propping up the table having lost 4 points. (I wonder if Mancini's appointment will be the boot up the butt - and/or he'll bring catenaccio to Eastlands. Either way I'm curious to see how it turns out; but thinking Given might be a better long-term bet all of a sudden. See? Better.)

Wolves/Burnley is on now and Milijas just scored!! So I'm even better all of a sudden.

How you doin'?


  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    65 frm 7 players..almunia being my highest point earner...drog n chucho still to play...alexander playin atm...n hav mikel as wel but hes jus a filler...

  2. Oh, right... forgot to add...

    "Just once this season I want to pick the keeper who preserves the clean sheet win by making the penalty save. Just once!"

  3. What does his hiring mean for the RSC inclusion many of use decided to get yesterday on the BD?

  4. Anonymous9:59 AM

    It is a lousy week with less than 30 points from 6 players, or should I say 7 players already. Need to get back on track. Next week is even difficult with double gamers and even triple gamers.

  5. Anonymous10:03 AM

    talkin bout the double gamers, week 17 fixtures are showin manutd playin on 27/12 n then on 28/12..tht cant be right.or m i readin wrong??

  6. I had Denilson. I also ditched him directly after the game as Fabregas should be back and Denilson is pretty lousy when Fabregas is on the pitch as well.
    Had 45 point from 7 players, just really happy to have had denilson really. Looking for points from Lapms, Drogs, Foley (my secret pick, middie listed defender and playing) and Eagles (who is about to become a Blog Favourite I would think...).

  7. Eagles doing okay today with at least two shots on target and some corners won. Foley isn't so secret... Neal and I both have him. He cleared a ball off the line and is five minutes away from something I won't jinx by mentioning, but he needs to stop committing fouls.

    I'm sure hoping Drogs makes the match and that JCole has an impact as well for once!

  8. Anonymous10:27 AM

    did well, even chucho had an assist!

  9. Ah ok, didn't see Foley in the blog or in any selection, but makes sense! Eagles has been pretty concistent and his price is good. Bit in the same league as o'Hara and KPB really. Should score a goal or two though... Good uck with the Chelsea math

  10. Seems Kalou is starting for Chelsea...

  11. Bradley10:58 AM

    I notched a whopping 24.5 yesterday with 6 players to go. So far today I appear to have gotten 3 SOTs from Eagles, a goal from Larsson, and an assist from Chucho. They're putting my premium players to shame (9 pts total from Rooney, Arshavin, and Milner). I should be able to avoid setting a new personal worst (53 from two weeks ago). Regardless, here's hoping Drogba takes advantage of the sieve that is the West Ham defense.

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHA awesome Jersey Shore pic... check out The Situation, Snookie and Pauly D on Leno

    anyhoo... Great to have Milijas and Foley salvage an otherwiese awful week. Sticking with Almunia has paid dividends as well.

    JCole seems like he's going to be the guy who sets up the guy who sets up the guy who scores (translation: no points).

  13. Anonymous12:03 PM

    switched from Jensen + Lamps to Given + Arshavin because everybody seems to get in Arsh and second place in my private league uses Given. arhh.... only 20 pts from yesterday. worst weekend so far.


  14. RockOn12:52 PM

    hey where is anelka? is he injured?

  15. DeviL1:49 PM

    Need to know exact date African players go to ANC.. heard that Chelsea players going in January but Bassong next week?

  16. DeviL2:00 PM

    @Jeremy - One question only, should i hold FOley for next DG?

  17. Anonymous2:02 PM

    @DeviL, Bassong is French...

  18. Anonymous2:04 PM

    umm, Chucho was not credited with an assist. anyone know who to get to in order to highlight the 'mislook' ? TIA

    over 100 points. YEP!

  19. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Seabass a cameroonian !

    heard that it was 27Dec (day of call up) from a friend.

    anyone knows?

  20. DeviL2:18 PM

    Seabass list as French but he play for Cameroon

    Yeah heard it was 27Dec.. so if thats true Bassong will not play next DG right?

  21. Anonymous2:25 PM

    @Devil, if it is true, then i've got to sell him then. a necessary loss. And will gladly have popcorn watching people dumping Drogba out of the pram. lol. anyway what is 'DG' ?

  22. Anonymous2:30 PM

    "DG" = Double Game

  23. Anonymous2:51 PM


  24. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Wow! 65 points total for the week and for some reason, I'm really satisfied as I did better than others. I'm not bragging, it's just a big surprise to have such unpredicted results. My team as follows...
    -Gomes(A season keeper, as I've had him at 6.xx and is paying me with great points.
    -Vermaelen(what can I say, he seems to be getting back to his best)
    -R.Johnson(Almost always returns his value and I'm not letting him go, he's a keeper.
    -Stearman(a hunch of mine for the week, he did great, kept a clean sheet and got me a neat 12 points...not bad since I paid 6.xx for him.
    -Nasri(What the hell is his problem, you'd think he'd get at least 1 SOT in a 3-0 thrashing.
    -Joe Cole(big disappointment)
    -THuddlestone(didn't do as well as last week but he always makes up for it any given week.
    -Walcott(had a couple of chances to score but missed them, he was my second hunch)
    -Rooney(Disappointment but I'll keep him for the rest of the season)
    -Anelka(What the hell Ancelotti? You deserve to loose if you don't put your best lineup)
    -Adebayor - Ahhh yes, my biggest hunch of the week. I can't think of how to phrase his big disappointment and his unreliability...SHAME ON YOU ADEBAYOR. He's on my nautty list and he's banned from my team the rest of the season.

    Well that's it. 2 players didn't feature in the lineup but lucky for me the defense got me 51.50 points...excellent.

    My team for next week...
    Nasri/Huddlestone/Joe Cole
    I'm happy with my forward line and my defense(Stearman is replaceable) and will somehow try to fit in Mtay and arshavin in middle, I'll have to downgrade of course...probably rooney to someone cheap


  25. Gavin4:08 PM

    Pretty happy with my team considering the absence of points this weekend. 67 points with Kirks and Yayga to play tomorrow. Hoping for big things. Milijas and Bily both came through for me, though Saha was robbed. He was definitely onside for the disallowed goal. Oh well. I'll take the 6.5 from him as none of the premium strikers seem to have done anything this weekend.

  26. CAREFREE FC4:27 PM

    love the jersey shore pic, the crap i get at school here in boston for being from jersey is out of control..91 with klasnic to go, bd'd mtaylor and cesc..if these 3 gamers are really happening then im trying to get as many as possible


    verm dunne silvestre

    fab4 mtaylor arshavin mike brown

    drogs klasnic kdavies

    and whats the deal with players leaving for africa? i know that ghana wanted players on the 28th and there was that whole argument between the ghana fa and senor hodgson over john paintsil..

  27. - 82.5 for me, which I thought wasn't good, but compared to you lot, seems not bad. Almunia/EdS/Bily did it for me.
    - Couldn't find info about WHEN players were leaving for ACN. (Search on Bassong news but found nothing)
    - I'm eying up Bale. Bassong AND BAE are out, which leaves Spurs with ZERO leftback options except for Bale. Also, I'd jump off THudd as I can see him playing CB for when Woody/King are injured.
    to recap a list of players going to ACN.

  28. Anonymous8:56 PM

    What a lousy week I had with my premium players. Drogs, Rooney and Arshavin gave me a total of 11.5.

  29. I'm with you on Bale, Owen. If he gets a run of games he may do some things. It won't help Spurs' defence, but...

  30. Anonymous2:16 AM

    @Owen_Williams ,

    quote'FIFA rules state that all clubs must release their players 14 days before the start of any major international tournament. The Ghana Black Stars have a training camp in South Africa from December 27, two full weeks before the tournament kicks off in Angola on January 10.'
    end quote.
    Has Spurs won with Bale starting? if so, i may consider him as well.

  31. 41 points with klasnic facing off against my goalie kirkland, as my only 2 players left. i am hoping klasnic gets 5 shots on target and wigan win 3-0. kirkland needs the cleansheet, the win, the saves to get me back in it. a couple of penalty saves would be nice
    my teams just are killing me. i was full of confidence for this one. i got vermaelen (9), ryan nelsen (.5), roger johnson (8.5), bowyer (3.5), mbrown (7), arshavin (7), milner (1), drogba (3.5) and rooney (1) points. none of those are bad or even average players. mbrown might be the only exception, but he got 7 points for a cost of 2.99. none of those players had bad matchups. it is just bitter

  32. Anonymous7:19 AM

    'The Latics plan to make a decision my midday GMT, but with weather forecasters predicting that temperatures will remain around zero degrees all day it seems unlikely the snow and ice which is causing all the problems will thaw.'

  33. Anonymous7:27 AM,19764,11065_3205397,00.html

    Wigan-Bolton's game is OFF! it's been postponed due safety reason.
    Was in luck to get rid of HRod... no players from this fixture.

  34. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Brum vs Chelski will be next week's first game.

    is anyone factoring weather/fixture for next week's mega-fixtures-pile-up ?

  35. - Now we have to factor in Weather for our fantasy purposes! Love it! Now we gotta check "Injuries, Suspensions and Weather"
    - Spurs jave won twice with Bale, a few months ago and again last week against City. So pick away!
    - Glad I didn't choose any Wigan or Bolton players.

  36. Anonymous2:10 PM

    If some teams are playing 3 matches, I'm on their wagon. Think about it, Man United have 2 great matches coming up...what if one of those games are postponed, you only have one match to make up for both. Fulham have a possible 3 matches, if 1 is postponed...they still have 2. But, is there any real certainty that Fulham,Arsenal,Bolton, and whoever else will play 3 games? I'll wait till friday to make adjustments to my team.

  37. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Nice photo. Who are these people in this fine group portrait?