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Ramsey behind Denilson again?

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Looks like Glen Johnson and Nando will be back for Pool but Riera will not be - Nando is obviously a strong bet playing against Pompey.

DDunn is doubtful/facing a late fitness test which means you should run scared from Rovers players.  The plus side is that Spurs defenders are just that much more attractive with one of Rovers' best attacking threats out of the picture.

On the other hand, Kranjcar's spot is guaranteed as Modric has picked up another knock (an ankle) and will not make it.

The out-of-action/doubtful list for the ManYoo/Fulham match is pretty crazy...AJ, Davies, Kamara, Evans, O'Shea, GNev, Rio, Wes Brown, EvdS, and MAYBE Vidic - that's a lot of star power missing.  Look for de Laet and Kuszczak to be the interesting/high value options.

de Jong is suspended for Citeh so Kompany is likely to take his spot (yawn) and Cana is suspended for the opposing side (again, yawn) although fewer holding options will mean Citeh's attack will have that many more opportunities.  Probably don't want anyone from Sunderland's defence in your side.

At Arsenal, the rumor mill has Denilson (not Ramsey) coming in for Cesc.  The question is, who do we expect to start in Arsenal's 4-3-3/4-5-1/4-6-0 formation? Song, Diaby, Denilson, Nasri, Walcott, and Arsh would be the logical answer but I have to admit that there SHOULD be a place for Ramsey in that line-up given the way Walcott and Nasri have performed since returning from injury.  I'm not saying it WILL happen, I'm just saying it should.  Ramsey is probably too big a risk to put into your team unless he's the best option you have for an inexpensive midfielder.

Kevin Foley is really the only interesting name related to injuries and the Wolves/Burnley match.  With Edwards injured, he is a defender playing in midfield.  How well he'll play in midfield is another question entirely but it isn't outside of the realm of possibility that he'll do well for his price/position.

Cahill is back from suspension for Everton but Rodwell is out injured.  Not much to make here but Everton's defence is likely to remain leaky without Rodwell (and possibly even after he's back).  No reason to jump off of the Birmingham bandwagon based on the quality/health of the opposition. Birmingham score reasonably well on the road (middle of the pack in the league) and have won 3 times while Everton have let in a lot of goals at home (3rd worst in the league) and lost or drawn 6 of their 8 at home. The only reason this match-up looks bad for Birmingham is because of the brand-equity Everton has built over the last 4 or 5 years as one of the best teams outside of the Big Four.  Thus far this season, that is nothing other than a reputation.

Drogba is back for CHE and JCole looks likely to feature as well.

That is about all that is really of interest heading into the weekend.  Still not sure exactly what moves I'll make but certainly some food for thought as the "get Ramsey into the line-up" bandwagon lost significant momentum between Thursday and Friday.

Cheers - Neal


  1. Scotland the player, not the country might be a sneaky play.

  2. with riera out, does aquilani start? i've been pretty frustrated every time i've gambled on aqui this season.

  3. Riera and Aquilani don't play in the same position. I think this may be the game Aquilani starts for Lucas though, based on Rafa's decision to ease him in and try to get him playing time in the fixtures that should be less difficult. Based on Liverpool's performances so far this season, though, who knows which ones those are. Babel or Benayoun would be more likely to fill Riera's spot, or even Fabio Aurelio.

    I'm torn as to who to pick for my 11th player. I've got 8.5 to spend. Thinking about Fletcher (Burnley), Milijas and possibly Downing, though I already have Milner so I am leaning more toward the former two. Any suggestions on which one I should choose?

  4. i'd go with downing mate.

  5. Anonymous4:20 AM

    Denilson seems to start ahead of Ramsey (Skysports + Football365). Could be a good pick. Last year when Fabregas was out injured Denilson took over the role and amount of points... Just wonder how fit he is and problem with Wenger and rationality..

  6. Anonymous6:31 AM

    I doubt Aquilani will start this one... Half of Britain is covered in snow right now and I don't think Rafa will want to take too many risks with tight hamstrings or not quite fit players.