Injuries and Suspensions - Quick Christmas Day Edition

Not too much surprising to report really...

At Arsenal, fantasy manager plans may be up in the air now as the Arsenal team notes report that Cesc may be back for the Sunday match with Villa (and even if he doesn't make that one it would seem that the next match would be a definite).  This decreases Denilson's value well below his current market price.  All other Arsenal midfield options also move down a bit in value over the course of the 3 matches as Cesc is more likely to come in and push them out of the frame or at least further to the side.  The least likely to be negatively impacted is Nasri whose minutes shouldn't overlap with Cesc's much at all.

At Chelsea, the Elk is out as expected and you can be almost positive that Drogs will find his way to an intentional YC in this match so that his accumulation suspension is served while he is on Ivory Coast duty.

Modric looks to be out again for Spurs making Kranjcar all the more valuable (although still not likely worth his current market price). 

David Dunn is still out for Rovers - probably not the week to play him anyway but worth noting as he has been worth playing when he's been healthy.

Citeh's entire defence (Lescott, Onuoha, Bridge, and maybe Richards) are injured making Given a pretty shaky option (even shakier than he has been the last few weeks which has been pretty shaky).  Zabaleta and Sylvinho are both options if you need an inexpensive starter in defence but I'm not particularly excited about either unless it really gets you something else you need in your line-up.  The other potential benefit is to the value of Stoke (Eth) and Wolves attackers (Milijas) - if you were leaning towards either this might be the news that clinched the decision.  I'm still not completely sold on either guy but I'd be feeling a lot better today than I was yesterday about both.

No full team report from ManYoo yet but it looks like SAF is going to push Fabio and Rafael back into the line-up.  I don't know how he plans to deploy what would be a group consisting of Evra, Vidic, Rafael, and Fabio (assuming Wes Brown - listed as questionable - doesn't make it back) - in my mind, this doesn't change things too much for anyone other than Kuszczak (who, as I mentioned in TWA, will have actual defenders in front of him which is an improvement).

That's about all there is to report here on Christmas Day at about Noon Eastern Time.

Best of Luck to everyone and a Very Merry Christmas.

Cheers - Neal


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM


    'The midfielder has been missing since the draw at Burnley on December 16 because of a hamstring injury and was still feeling it to such an extent on Christmas Eve that he was pulled out of training.'

    'Still feeling'? and with the ground going to be treacherous enough... unless AW is myopic he will not play Cesc till he is fully recover... oh wait... he is! lol.

    i will be VERY concern over the WEATHER. think it isn't looking good atm. Not good at all(especially for us[virtual managers])

  2. Ledley King and Luka Modric are both available for our Boxing Day trip to Fulham.

    Both have trained this week after missing Saturday's trip to Blackburn with knee and ankle injuries respectively.

    - From Spurs website. With 2 games in like 3 days, I doubt Spurs would push either.
    - Update on Burnley as of Christmas at 13.00 BST was that the game is STILL on as planned.

  3. Anonymous3:46 PM

    What are glen whelan chances of playing? How man points will diaby accumalate? zabelata/diaby/mullins or traore OR silvestre/Delap/tuncay?

  4. Anonymous3:46 PM

    arsenal midfield turmoil, who to get?

  5. @ 3:46 Anonymous:

    - 39%
    - 7.5
    - Zab/Diaby/Mullins.
    - Whoever you can afford

  6. Anonymous5:58 PM

    is that 7.5 for 1 match or for all 3? thanks

  7. Anonymous6:14 PM

    @ Anonymous 5:58


  8. Anonymous7:35 PM

    I believe it's been mentioned in other posts that the YC count towards suspensions gets reset on Jan 1st so Drogba def won't try to get a card on purpose.

  9. finally bit the bullet and dropped Drogs. Still not sure if it was the right thing to do but it seems to be and hopefully I can pick up someone good at the Jan Transfer. Meanwhile I added RSC up front. I also decided to swap out Abou Diaby for Dempsey because I don't like the uncertainty with Ces. I hate Friday trades and hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the butt

  10. Anonymous8:04 PM

    I don't think Drogba really needs to take one YC before he takes off for ANC. The yellow card amnesity cuts off date is 12/31 and he will be alright for his 4 YC's since he won't be suspended if he gets another one after the new year.

    I am about to drop Drogba anyways tho. It is just too hard for me to clcik the save button.


  11. Bradley8:45 PM

    Just to be technical: The YC count doesn't get reset as such. It's just that the 5 YC = 1-match suspension goes away after 31 Dec. Then the thresholds of concern are 10 YCs by 11 Apr = 2-match suspension and 15 YCs by end of season = 3-match suspension.

    In short, if you have 4 YCs and can avoid getting the 5th in the 1st match of this gameweek, you'll be okay PL-wise. If you get the 5th in the 2nd match, your suspension should be served during your team's FA Cup match right after New Year's.

  12. nice one bradley. thanks for clearing up the doubt. haha

    my team for week 17..

    Wonder if Mancini will start RSC. Pray hard tt Wilk don't get a yellow card.


  13. tweaked it enough:

    Keeping Drogs. His price is unlikely to drop as he is not playing rather than getting Zero's.
    Couldn't find a Striker comparable to Drogs' 10.66
    BY the time the january transfer happen and a team buys a top notch, it will be a few games before he settles in anyways.

  14. Yanked Ohara for Etherington. 3 gamer!

  15. Anonymous5:11 AM

    ^'His price is unlikely to drop as he is not playing rather than getting Zero's.'

    well, drogba's price had been 'low' for quite a long time till lately,i remembered when he was around 14 odd 15 plus quite a while(and that was when he had big points you know; psss, i had him at 16odd at Arsenal's game =) ). i would think his price will drop as movement of price is generally based on the 'base price' aka 'starting price of the season'.

    'Higher starting price- harder to move down'
    'lower starting price- easier to move down'.

    taking note that higher starting price means lesser people holding that player. lower starting price means higher people had him(drogba's case).

    Once people drop drogba, his price will move down way faster than , let's say,for example RVP.

    of course if everyone is not scoring high points, more people will hold on to Drogba as they find it less compelling to change players(TAKE NOTE: its a vice-versa!) Moreover what will happen to drogba in the future is unknown( injuries? condition? points obtained in second-half season? resettling into chelsea again?)