Tevez out of Arsenal match, Robinho Doubt

via Yahoo!UK/Eurosport:
Manchester City forward Carlos Tevez will miss Saturday's Premier League game against Arsenal, manager Mark Hughes has confirmed.

The 25-year-old picked up a knee injury while on international duty with Argentina, but City hope he will ready to face Manchester United the following weekend.

"Our doctor has spoken to the Argentine medical people and the feeling is that he is out for the weekend so he will not play against Arsenal," Hughes told the club website.

"The hope is that he will be okay for the derby, but we will have to determine that when he comes back.

"He is staying with the national squad because he needs acute treatment at the early stage of the injury, which is what he can get now.

"Flying him back quickly might compromise the injury, so he will be back towards the end of the week so we can assess him and hopefully get him ready for the United game."

Robinho, who faced Tevez in Brazil's 3-1 win over Argentina on Saturday, also has a slight knock.

"It's a different situation with Robi," said Hughes. "It's an old injury that he aggravated last year, just above his ankle.

"We are going to get him back as soon as possible, the hope is that he will be an option for the weekend."
For fantasy managers, Tevez to Bellamy is more or less a straight swap as would be Robinho to K2.  Otherwise, there's always Tuncay for a buck. ;-)

Also, the Fantasist has a great round-up of Premier League teams' injury status.


  1. The most ridiculous injury I had heard about before today was back when Detroit Tigers SS Alan Trammell fell off Halloween costume Frankenstein boot heels on Halloween night with his kids trick or treating and blowing out a knee... until today....

    BREAKING NEWS: Fabio Aurelio injured again in freak training ground incident

    After a freak pre-season incident in which Fabio Aurelio was injured whilst having a back-yard kickabout with his son (!), Liverpool fans were looking forward to the Brazilian's return to action. Unfortunately, Aurelio's comeback is on hold yet again after another freak injury sustained at Liverpool's Melwood training ground today.

    Liverpool-Kop understands that whilst preparing for the usual five-a-side game, Aurelio dislocated his shoulder whilst pulling on his five-a-side training bib.

    It appears that Aurelio picked up a smaller youth team bib by accident, and the resultant tightness when trying to pull it on directly caused the injury.

    Liverpool physio Dave Galley explained:

    "The dislocation occurred because Fabio pulled the bib down at the wrong angle, and the consequent pressure exerted by the tightness of the bib unfortunately caused his shoulder to pop out of place.

    "We had to cut the bib away, as trying to pull off something wedged so tightly against his body would have exacerbated the injury"."


    Let me repeat that...

    "...Aurelio dislocated his shoulder whilst pulling on his five-a-side training bib...."

  2. wow.
    Almost beats David Seaman's breaking a bone reaching for the TV remote control.

  3. Anonymous4:16 AM

    whats " five-a-side training bib ".......... i dont understand what it means.... would someone care to explain this to me??

  4. don't forget tony dorsett injury for the dallas cowboys. he picked up a hand mirror and it slipped out of his hand because he had just put on lotion. the mirror crashed into the top of his foot breaking some metatarsals. he was out 6 weeks!

  5. a training bib is a piece of fabric that overlaps your front and back with a hole in the middle for your head. it has two elastic strips on the sides to hold it all together. the bibs are plastic, itchy and uncomfortable in hot weather, but have some good ventilation due to so little fabric. does that help anonymous?

  6. InRafaWeTrust9:38 AM

    Ooooo you people...Hahhahahaahaha....You've been sooooooo FRAMED, hahahaaha...!!! Does anyone anymore care to read the article until the END...!!! You might find that last paragraph really FUNNY, and we wouldn't have to read non-sense in here...just a THOUGHT...!!!


  7. okay, that's just plain silly, but good news for me (insua!).

  8. @ Anonymous - In Britain we call them Bibs..in America they are called Pinnies...5-a-side is called 5v5 in the US.

    Freak injury..how could we forget The Arse's Steve Morrow at the Cup Final!

    Does anyone know where I can see the England game today? I live in the US (Philly) and have just checked FSC and ESPN and GOL and they are showing N.Ireland, Wales, USA, Russia, and some other crap game. Any ideas?

  9. http://www.myp2p.eu/broadcast.php?matchid=48038&part=sports

    I'm using this, usually good. You might need to download addons and stuff. But works for me!

  10. Cheers Owen, worked a treat! Great win as well...let's hope Stevie reproduces those goals this weekend vs Burnleh!