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Tuncay signs for Stoke City

The Yahoo! Fantasy Football world is abuzz... Tuncay Sanli has been relisted in the game at 1! He's listed as a forward, which isn't ideal because to my mind, he'll play in midfield as he often did for Boro. As I wrote in the Monday Morning Manager:
It will be very interesting to see how they incorporate Tuncay into the squad. But as a striker priced at 1!!... well, that in itself is quite apeallilng. He came on for Fuller at the weekend, but I think it will be Etherington who is most at threat.
Stoke have a pretty rough schedule upcoming - Chelsea, @Bolton, Manchester United, @Everton, West Ham and @Spurs - so you're likely to get what you pay for with Tuncay. However, it may be worth it if you can upgrade another position or two to cover what you think you might lose in that 2nd or 3rd striker spot. For instance, I was looking to get rid of Rodallega as he and Wigan have failed to reproduce their opening day form. I can go to Tuncay and be fairly confident of replicating HRod's 3 points a game but for 6 less. Now I can (with a combination of other cost saving moves which we'll touch on below) move from Givet to Glen Johnson. And while Neal thinks it would be buying GJohn at the top of the market, he's a good bet going into Liverpool's upcoming matches home to Burnley, @West Ham, and Hull.

Other possible bargains exist, but come with real negatives.  Namely cheap players who will now be likely starters on really lousy teams.  Case in point, Jamie O'Hara moves on loan from Spurs to Pompey.  He'll likely take the left-midfield role that Krancjar, um... left to move the other way.  O'Hara is 4.23 and has shown in the past that he can take kicks and get in amongst the fantasy points.  The down side, of course, is that Pompey are terrible but O'Hara may be the best of the bunch and could get 'kick-taker on a bad team' points.

We've bemoaned the lack of quality, cheap defenders in the game.  Sonko is at least cheap.  He's 3.32, one of only two defenders priced below 4.  And now that he's moved to Hull City to replace the Sunderland-bound Michael Turner he'll get on the field.  Of course, as we wrote on yesterday, "you might have been happier had he stayed in Stoke's reserves." But then again, Turner has been averaging 8 points a match almost entirely from defensive work - passes intercepted, blocked shots, tackles, etc. So if Sonko can even get half of that, he'll end up being a good investment.


  1. Brandinho5:13 PM

    Thinking about Tuncay as he's a quality player for an unreal price, but the dilemma I'm having is which forward to sell. I have Drogba, Rooney and Torres up front, which might seem like overkill, but I have all 3 at fairly big discounts: 10.66 for Drogba, 16.37 for Rooney and 15.76 for Torres. Rooney seems the best bet to drop as he's 1) the most expensive and 2) the smallest discount. Chelsea and Liverpool appear to have more favorable upcoming schedules as well.

    To the point: drop Rooney or continue to roll with 3 expensive strikers? I've scored 100 or more every week so it's not like the rest of my team is hurting.

  2. I don't think you sell any of those three.

  3. I wouldn't sell if I had Torres, Rooney AND Drogs.

    However, I'm liking the 1.00 for Tuncay. As MY third striker is a revolving door right now. gotta play around with the numbers/players.
    So glad I've signed up to be able to post!

  4. I gladly trade my defoe for Tuncay.

  5. i have had rooney and drogba since week one. i picked abebayor last week and he is +2.5 for me. his schedule is a little tough, the next few weeks, as well as rooney's. i don't want to drop rooney. man u are not dominating, so he is likely to get the game winning goals in all of their tight contests, just like gerrard. what i need to know, is should i drop abebayor. my midfield would be milijas, jiminez, gerrard, lennon or m taylor, i too have had 125 and 106 points the last two weeks, or should i keep my strong forwards.

  6. If you have a dream strike threesome like Drogs, Nando, Roondog/K2 then I'd stick rather than twist. However, I have always played the game keeping my third striker spot as a bit of a revolving door (Until now it was DBent) no prizes for guessing who is my third striker now! It also frees up some much needed cash for a midf spot for BFAY (I dropped Milijas). I'll be well 'appy if Tun Chi-tea-latte brings in 3 points.

  7. jeremy,neal! can i have an advice on arshavin and how good is glen on this price???????

  8. Pupus7:02 AM

    I will wait until tuncay hard schedule finish, and then play the gamble on him later.
    I have Drog, Roon and Torres on my roster

  9. Bad news for Jozy fans. Was really hoping he'd get some first team action and bring that experience back to the MNT. Alas, another American languishing on a European bench.

  10. i too am going to wait on tuncay. i decided that rooney, drogba, abebayor are too valuable. what i am waiting for is that, i really want lennon to partner my midfield with stevie g. his schedule will lighten up at the same time as tuncay's. i may make a move in a couple of weeks. last year, new players, in the system, had to play several games before their value changed. i could go with lennon or m. taylor, now, but i don't think so.

  11. Anonymous9:22 PM

    I think I'll pick up Tuncay after Stoke's schedule smooths up. Till then, I believe Drogba and Tevez will give good service.

  12. Anonymous10:42 AM

    I picked up Tuncay to beef up my MF. I now have lamps, MTay and BFAY in MF and Drogs and Rodallega up front.

    Figure the MF are more likely to get points where as F if they dont score can not give a good return on investment.