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Burnley/Sunderland - Hard to imagine that the early match is going to be worthy of being on TV just about everywhere the Prem can be seen.  Not much news that will make fantasy managers scramble to switch up their sides either.

Arsenal/Wigan - RvP should be a go but Arshavin and Almunia are still out; Go with Mannone at your own risk but Cesc is always more valuable when Arshavin isn't present as he is the undisputed fulcrum of the attack.  All hands are on deck for Wigan.

Bolton/Stoke - Elmander is back; Gardner will probably play some; Lawrence and Eth should inject some attacking inspiration for Stoke while the man who is expected to cash in (that's Big Fat James Beattie) is a major doubt.  Fuller is even more interesting with Lawrence and Eth available to help get him the ball.

Villa/Pompey - They wrote an entire paragraph that said little other than Carew MAY get a start - not sure why they bothered.  Equally little to say about Pompey.

Hull/Brum - Fun news that JVoH may get his first start.  I'm not sure I'd do anything about this other than having a smile on my face on Saturday knowing that it is going to happen..  No word what it might mean for Jozy.  Brum is pretty much an entire team of injuries - Faddy, Queudrue, Jerome, Vignal, Bent, Taylor, Carsley, and Johnson.  Not exactly Manchester United's Treble Winning side but still going to be a lot to overcome.  Might be worth making some investments in Hull beyond Stephen Hunt.

WHU/Liverpool - Sounds like Diamanti might start but I'm not sure if you want to pick him up for the Liverpool match (might be worth watching for the future though); Masch should be back for Liv which is good for the value of Liverpool defenders and Reina but virtually worthless as news in its own right.  Aurelio is also fully fit but I'm not sure he'll actually play so that news may only be interesting to the Aurelio family.

ManYoo/Citeh - Rio seems unlikely meaning that Jonny Evans will slot into the "too expensive to consider based on the match-up" slot that Ferdinand previously held.  Berbs and Fletch are both likely but again, not sure I'd spend much time worrying about them until the competition gets easier.  For Citeh - looks like Robinho and Ireland will play while K2, RSC, and Carlito will all sit.  Amazing that Citeh will be lacking for strikers given all of their spending.

Wolves/Fulham - The interesting news here is that Kightly should be back.  I'm not sure if this match will be available on TV here but if I have a chance, I'm going to watch at least some of it so I have a better feel for whether he will be as productive in the Prem as he was in the Championship (is he another Ashley Young? or another Chris Eagles?).  Fullham appears to be fully healthy.  Not too much else of interest here unless you were thinking of starting Jody Craddock (and I'm not sure why you would be).

Everton/Rovers - Neill isn't ready yet, Bilyaletdinov is a doubt with a groin injury; PNev is out for a month so really not much of note to report from the Everton side; Rovers appear to be fully fit with Benni making it back from his ankle injury.

Chelsea/Spurs - A Joe Cole sighting against Porto (plus Deco's return to health) throws Chelsea's midfield into even more selection chaos (outside of Lamps) - you have to assume there's only a 50% chance than any given CHE midfielder outside of Lamps will start as Essien, Ballack, Deco, JCole, Malouda, and Mikel fight for 3 spots.  Drogs is back from Champions League suspension so expect him to start.  On the Spurs side of the pitch there isn't much to report other than a Gomes/Cudicini decision (you should have either vs. Chelsea at the Bridge) and Bale will be back (presumably to the bench if he even gets that far).

Good luck and remember not to make any rash Friday trades.

See you tomorrow morning for the Live Chat.

Cheers - Neal


  1. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Where do you get that Tevez will sit?

  2. Injured. Listed as 'very doubtful'. Come on now..keep up!

  3. did ESPN sign a contract that says they have to show every burnley game?

  4. Dead Leg United11:38 AM

    Dollars to doughnuts Tevez starts with Bellamy.

  5. Yeah, I have to admit I'd be pretty surprised if Carlito didn't play some part..however, def not worth the gamble of including him in your ff team.

  6. Anonymous3:52 PM

    that news may only be interesting to the Aurelio family.


  7. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Drogs (at $2 discount) or Bent (fresh purchase) up front? I'm leaning towards Drogs as I'd like to keep him for a few more weeks.


  8. I think you ride Drogs until January when he goes to the African Cup of Nations... or the African Nations Cup... whatever it's called.

  9. You guys are far superior to the terrible blog that is left in your wake. But this nickname thing has to stop. It's like a password to a clubhouse.

  10. Apart from this awesome post - is there a site where I can get predictions/news on the expected line-ups each weekend?

  11. I got Benayoun before his price shot up and am now thinking of switching to Hunt. Which one will be better this week?

  12. This should be a good game to watch - Sunderland will be attacking with pace and power, Burnley will be on their heels!

  13. Viraj3:04 AM

    Guyss....I may sound out of time.....but whats with Tuncay ?? I see no comments abt him. I have him 1.00.

  14. Anonymous4:03 AM

    nani or rosicky, i currently have rosicky i had nani last week and he didnt start i think arsenal have an easier game anyway but will he play.


  15. Anonymous6:07 AM

    I'm holding Tuncay from last week & picked up Myhil this week ... spent a "massive" 2.5 on the two of them so I got 97.5 on the rest of my team which are: Drogs, BFAY, Gerrad, S.Hunt, Jordi, T Cahill, Vermalen, Paintsil, Warnock. .. lets see how it goes!!

  16. Is Bent injured??

  17. I'm holding Tuncay from last week & picked up Myhil this week ... spent a "massive" 2.5 on the two of them so I got 97.5 on the rest of my team which are: Drogs, BFAY, Gerrad, S.Hunt, Jordi, T Cahill, Vermalen, Paintsil, Warnock. .. lets see how it goes!!

  18. I think Bent is ready to go. I'm still thinking about switching Bent for Drogs... but I got Drogs at $2 premium & Jeremy just told me I should keep in as well... So I'll stay with Drog. I do like Bent tho!

  19. Is Jo likely to get a start? Everton have got a nice run of fixtures coming up..... BLA, @POR, STK, WOL I believe

  20. Munders6:48 AM

    looking for help, currently have Evra and EDS but want to swap for different combo because of starting status of EDS playing with 19.11 units
    Rest of team Myhill, richards, heitinga, hunt, fabs, gerrard, ohara, rooney and tuncay

  21. luckily i swap my tuncay for bent..he scored!
    but why wilko did not play?is he injured?