Last Rites

Getting the band back together. For fantasy at least.

Okay, so "Last Rites" is a terrible title for this post.  It's just some quick thoughts on a Friday night/Saturday morning.  I wanted something that played off "Early Doors" and well, it's getting late so I'm not as creative as I'd like to be.  Best to get on with the post then, but please feel free to help me name this post properly.
  • Late injury news - Schwarzer a doubt
  • An intra-blog disagreement.  Neal says,
    "No certainty of O'Hara playing for Pompey - I like the thought of him as a cheap option but I'm not willing to go too far out on a limb until I know how (and if) they intend to deploy him regularly.  More a BD option than something for this week if you ask me (and you sort of did by being here to read this column)." 
    I think O'Hara will be a direct replacement for Krancjar who moved to Spurs while O'Hara moved the other way on loan.  He seems to agree, telling that, "he has been recruited as an attacking midfielder to create and score goals...."The manager sees me as an attacking midfielder who can link up with the strikers."  I think Hart is going to put him right out against Bolton, and I'm putting him right into my fantasy team.  Hopefully I can get out ahead of the mob on this one.
  • Speaking of bargains, we've all been talking up Tuncay.  I think it's a great pick for Stoke and a big chance for fantasy managers.  However, I'm not on the bandwagon this week.  I wanted to be, believe me.  Thinking Tuncay at forward to get Glen Johnson at the back.  But in the end, I just can't do it.  I'm going to stick with Gael Givet who to this point has been getting points to spite me for not picking him.  I'm going to use that money to go back to Darren Bent.  He disappointed me last when I had him in the team week 2 (against Rovers no less, with Givet scoring) when KWynneJ took all the points.  But I can't get over my "bet against Hull" idea for this season, and especially with Hull replacing Turner with Sonko, I'm going back to the well.
Good luck to everyone and I'll see you on the other side of the weekend for the Monday Morning Manager.


  1. Hi Jeremy,

    I am in half-mind about Tuncay as well. True that he is the single cheapest player around but I kinda like Saha against Fulham instead of Tuncay against Chelsea. At least for this week.

    For the post name, how about "Final Word"?

    Cheers and good luck.

  2. How about "Late Fitness Test" ?

    As for Tuncay, I am rolling the dice with him this week for 2 main reasons: even as a sub, he is easily Stoke's most creative, talented player and needs just a CW, cross or SOW to repay his cost, and secondly, his price has allowed me to stack my MF with studs and no filler.

  3. "At The Buzzer" ??

    Perhaps too much of a reference to basketball, though...??

  4. oh oh, if you waited on tuncay you've missed the boat! 7.72 now!!

  5. "I'll just pick up Tuncay on the BD"

    Well, F that idea now. he DID sky rocket to 7.72. Lets hope that it's ALLL a blessing in disguise! Because once he was on your team, he'd be there ALL season.

  6. meh, better him than the mok, just a shame he's clogging up a striker's spot.

  7. Wish I had him, just talking myself into thinking that it was a GOOD thing NOT to have him. Was expecting MORE people to jump onto to him. Found a fair bit of teams DIDN'T pick him up...

  8. Kicking yourself now, just wait til his brace today! ;D

  9. Yeah I was pretty suprised to see how few of my league had picked him up, glad in a way as it always winds me up when everyone has the same player locked in as you're then playing a game with 10 players instead of 11 (see given, drogba, verm etc.)

  10. i'm very pleased that for not having tuncay, and now his price sky rocket. now i have no more headaches, i couldn't afford losing an attacking spot for the rest of the season.

  11. You folks rationalizing him as a season long lock must be forgetting it'll only cost ya about .10-.50 at any given time to drop him for the regular good ol enabling mok... .19 at the moment.

  12. Anonymous8:38 AM

    David, the regualar good ol enabling mok will not score points for goals and assists throughout the season. Face it, if you missed Tuncay at 1 million you have dropped a huge clanger and will pay a heavy price over the season...

  13. KrisV8:41 AM

    Hey Neal, how about "Stoppage Time" as a name for your last minute column?

  14. KrisV8:42 AM

    Oops, I mean JEREMY, how about "Stoppage Time"?

  15. missing Tuncay at 1 is no big deal... I cant get stuck with an attacking spot for the rest of the season! if you have got 2 of drogba/torres/rooney to keep for the rest of the season, put tuncay with them then your team is stuck for the rest of the season!!
    and lets agree that the 100 bucks can be spent in a million good ways.

  16. Anonymous9:13 AM

    @ Everyone -

    Should i go in for Cesc or RvP ??

  17. Anonymous3:30 PM

    how about Last Call for the name

  18. Not too bad I missed out on Tuncay.
    My issue: Tuncay+Fabregas = 7.5 points
    or went with Bent+Milner = 19 (from bent alone)

    barndoored Yossi. He is better than Lucas or Riera(pure footy wise), but Rafa's constant shuffle makes it difficult to keep him.