The Barn Door Live - Sept. 19

As a point of reference for all of you, here is my team for the weekend...

GK: Shay Given
D: Verm, Wilko, Givet
M: Lamps, BFAY, Hunt, O'Hara
F: Drogs, Roonaldo, Tuncay


  1. so it looks like picking the whole Arse team was the way to go this week.... top score of the week so far is this guy (and yes... I had to type that in because copy/paste is disabled on blogger)

  2. BD'd Torres - dropped 1-unit Tuncay to do so (other FWD slots are Rooney and Drogba at discounts. Jumping on the "Tuncay will not get playing time" wagon to make myself feel better.

  3. Richard Pitts4:44 PM

    My team - Given
    Vermo, Wilko, Givet,
    Diaby, Gomez, Gerrard, BFAY, Hunt
    Drogs, Benitez

    Benitez cost 6 and scored 12 so i am pleased about that one, but Gerrard getting 5 when he really got Liverpool's second is galling. Can't remember who said Milner was a better bet than BFAY but they were right.

    71 points with Given, Givet and Drogs to go so I may break the 100 point barrier but kinda left wondering what if.

  4. dropped verm at the last minute to "upgrade" to warnock. um, oops? i also jumped off torres, but at torres->EdS enabled me to upgrade from myhill to friedel.

  5. No assit for Ricketts on Taylor"s PK? Got 3.50 pts for him and 2.50 pts for Cuellar with a CS.
    Defenders killed me this week and shouldn't have.
    Still have A.Cole going on Sun.,maybe get bailed out!

  6. why wilko did not played?arghhh

  7. - Never seen SUCH a match like the Manchester derby (Since 4-4 Arsenal/Spurs game)
    - Giggs was spectacular!!!
    - terrific match to watch. United DOMINATED the second half. Michael Owen scored the winner at death!
    - Looking at Given's price to drop!
    - Milijas on the bench. Gonna go with Bily I think, hopefully he'll be back
    - Heitinga with a yellow ALREADY! Think I'll stick with Sonko.
    - cannot stress the manchester was great to watch.

  8. Only consolation to this Drogba injury is EVERYONE has him.

  9. - Drogs injury looked bad. Couldn't even put pressure on the leg. My guess is he's out for a while.
    - Bassong out. King out. Spurs back 4 is a mess. Woody and Dawson maybe be back?!
    - Heitinga with a CS also...

  10. ... and we need to find out why Givet was taken off at half time. Still got 4.5 pts... he's the evolutionary DNH defender... but still a worry.

  11. richard pitts,
    i was the one who said that aston villa played through milner, not young, but i also said milner doesn't get the fantasy points.

    i also said the previous week that mtay would outscore lampard and is a better fantasy option than frank.

    i also was the one who said after week two that lennon would finish 3rd in midfielders.
    i got rode for these comments, all of the blog guys, here and on the assistant manager blog, dismissed these statements, but they are coming true. unfortunately for me, i haven't pick up any of these players except taylor this past week. lennon schedule got too tough.

    next week, i am going to fore go gerrard's cheapest price and go with lennon and taylor, no milner though.

  12. I made a Friday trade....
    Friedel and Fletcher (45.5 pts) for Myhill and Fabregas (23 pts)
    so... yea, the no Friday trade rule is a holy one