Givet update

Defender Gael Givet injured a knee at Goodison Park and definitely will not feature [in Rovers' Carling Cup third-round tie at Nottingham Forest on Tuesday night.]
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Blackburn Rovers could be without defender Gael Givet for a lengthy period after the Frenchman sustained a knee injury in yesterday's defeat at Everton.

Manager Sam Allardyce is concerned at the extent of Givet's injury and is awaiting news.  "He fell on his knee, we aren't sure of the extent of the damage yet," he told the club's official website.

"But it is a little worrying that it isn't a kick so he may have twisted or tweaked a ligament."


  1. Anonymous2:14 PM

    @ Jeremy -

    Reid/Lennon or Reid/Bent or Lennon/Bent or Lennon/Defoe or Reid/Defoe ??

    These 4 have got me in chains...

    Plz suggest whom u think will be the best option ...


    Thank You

    Mr Smiley

  2. Anonymous2:15 PM

    @ Jeremy -

    Can i improve on this team??

    Verma[7.36] - Sonko[3.13] - Richards[6.92]
    StevieG[18.99] - Lennon[11.5] - Reid[11.74] - Bilya[5.34] - Moko[1.68]
    Nando[16.6] - Saha[8.7]

    I've still got 1.6 $$ to play with..

    Where can i improve 'ccordin to ya?

    PS - Have sent ya an Add-Me req in FaceBook =D

  3. @Mr. Smiley... I would think the Spurs pairing. I'm not convinced by Sunderland which I'll go into more in the 2nd half of the MMM.

    Anon... I would dump BFAR and use the $ to upgrade Bily (will he play?). I'm assuming Mok is an enabler and worth keeping. Otherwise, you could "gut" the D - NOT VERMA! - to free up some more monies.

  4. As for FB friend requests, I'm of two minds. I would love to connect with everyone, and have made some good online friends through the blog (Hi, Lena. Hi, Mohamed.). But on the other hand I can't believe that you would want to get updated on my mundane happenings. Do you really want to know the cute thing my daughter said today or see that I liked a photo of a cat holding a beer?

  5. Anonymous3:44 PM

    is it worth it to hold onto tuncay if you bought him for 1 pt ... even though he hasn't played in his last two games.. I have him at 1 pt and he's 7 but taking up a forwards spot....

  6. I don't think it's worth it... though I do have to say that maybe this week with Liv/Hull and Wigan/Chelsea that if you can get Lamps and Gerrard with Tuncay in your team maybe you do it.

  7. Anonymous5:17 PM

    @ Jeremy -

    Whom do i upgrade them to??

    I have NO idea as to who'll perform..
    By ditching Reid,Billy,Sonko,Richards, I get 28.73 $$
    Im certainly considering O'Hara and SeaBas..

    What should i do with the other two spots??

    Im considering Sonko coz..

    Weak Team vs Strong Team..
    Strong team dominates and gets more shots,
    This in turn means that Weak Team tends to be a bit more defensive hence resulting in BS and the likes.
    Although this argument can be justified by the fact that the Defenders in the Weak Team would'nt be composed and hence would result in a lot of fouls comitted .
    It is a risk im willing to take.

    So basically ,I'm considering switching

    Billy/Reid/Richards TO Defoe/O'Hara/SeaBas

    That's OK??

    Please advice as to what YOU had in mind when you told me to dump Reid/Billy/Richards as i'm not fully convinced whether Defoe would score and im leaning towards Bent,

    And also please explain as to why YOUR not convinced by Sunderland.


    Mr. Smiley

    PS - Wouldn't mind such updates.. =D

  8. I think Billy/Reid/Richards TO Defoe/O'Hara/SeaBas would be a big upgrade. Spurs have a good match up this weekend (though to be fair so do Sunderland) and I have a soccer crush on O'Hara.

  9. - Yes, the Defoe/Ohara/Seabass is MUCH better.
    SeaBass' price went down and if he DOES play next weekend, should score points against Burnley. then Corluka can stay on the right and Dawson will prolly be back I read (With Captain King injured)
    - Gonna admit I was choked when I missed out on Tuncay at 1.00 at the time, but super glad now.
    - Get Ohara in now as he WILL be returning to the Spurs in Jan.

  10. Anonymous6:25 PM

    I'm very upset that Given's value has dropped so much after only one game.

  11. Upset, why? The only downside I can see is that the rest of us can sign up to the Given train again having not suffered the six point loss.

  12. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Jeremy - at this point with Tuncay not playing, worth holding on to him for the long term?

    I'm debating between Gerrard/Tuncay(at 1.00) v. Defoe/Hunt?

  13. Fidan7:19 PM

    I'd go for Defoe/Hunt every time...Liverpool sucks in set-piece dealing and Hunt can REALLY cause damage...!!! Defoe is playing Burnley, nuff said...!!!

  14. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Berba or Defoe this week? Even without the goals Dimi is getting good points.

  15. Hi Jeremy

    How is Drogba now
    any news about him?

  16. Anonymous10:24 AM

    I've had given since day one. Now everyone else can feast on him. It was like a 3-point drop for one bad game. Too harsh.