How did you do this weekend?

I had a mixed weekend.  I got contributions from most every player, but had two holes in my team - Hutton and Gomez - and didn't have Torres, and the less likely Keane.  So another weekend of consolidating my stranglehold on the midtable.

Still Given to play today, but I feel like we "all" have him.

Given - ??
Hutton - 0
Vermaelen - 9.5
Heitinga - 12
Gomez - 0
Gerrard - 15.5
O'Hara - 6.5
Lennon - 6
Chucho - 8
Defoe - 11
Drogba - 14
82.5 with Given to play

A fuller wrap-up to come in the Monday Morning Manager after MAC/WHU. But for now let us know how you did in the comments.


  1. Richard Pitts10:22 AM

    Vermo, Wilko, Distin
    Gomez, Hunt, Gerrard, Lennon
    Droggers, Benitez, Saha

    A grand total of 93 and like yourself I am clinging to mid-table. Wilko and Gomez not playing did me in a bit.

    I'm about 14,000th and actually fell in the rankings which suggests to me things have got seriously competitive of late - I finished 888th last year. I also note most of the leaderboard had Droggers, Bent and Torres as it's front line with Gerard in mid and this may be my default line-up with enablers elsewhere from now on save for this weekend.

  2. I'm seeing a gap opening between the have-Torres and the have-not Torres. I'll have to check Beat the Bloggers.

    Anyone else seeing the same thing in there groups?

  3. And the plummet begins...
    Verm, Wilko, Heitinga
    StevieG, Moke The Enabler, Lennon, Diaby, Lucas
    Drogs, Rooney
    67.50 awaiting today's match. I think I'm gonna follow Richard's approach: grab the two or three (or four) gotta-have's and a bunch of enablers.

  4. So get this. I foolishly stuck with Myhill this week and STILL ended up with 113.5 points. A front line of Bent, Drogba, and H-Rod can make almost any problem disappear! Surprisingly strong showings from Insua and Sonko were also very helpful.

  5. kicking myself for going with stevie over nando, but stevie wasn't bad and i did pick up dbent with some of my leftover cash. 84 with given and bridge still left. could have been more if KJ hadn't stolen that second PK from bent! what's with that?

  6. FlyingHamster11:03 AM

    109.5 with Given and Bridge still to play. Does anybody think investing in Burnley next week is a good idea? And the points from Spurs this week seem to flow into players who don't usually get it, e.g. Robbie and Jenas instead of Defoe and Lennon. Is Hunt still worth it next week against Wigan?

  7. Jeremy,

    I see the same pattern in my group too regarding Torres.. I didn't have him this week but thankfully, managed to reach my 100+ marks and stay in the overall top 500..

    Its going to be interesting this week.. FF players who are holding on to Torres at 15/16 units will find it hard to drop him.. He'll be facing Man U and Chelsea in the next 3 weeks and i hope he doesn't get hattricks on those matches..Then his price should come down (at least reasonable enough to be picked again)..

    While for the non-Torres players (like me), this 3 weeks will be important for us to fill in the points that we'll miss from not having Torres (as im not gonna pick Torres at the current price against Chelsea/Man U)..

    Man, i love this game :)

  8. Hopefully get some good Given points this afternoon but ..

    S. Given 0.00 / T. Vermaelen 9.50, G. Johnson 2.00, J. Heitinga 12.00 / N. Milijas 0.00, A. Lennon 6.00, Jordi Gómez 0.00, M. Taylor 7.50 / J. Defoe 11.00, F. Torres 35.50. Tuncay 0.00

    Week 6 total 83.50
    Overall total 519.50

    Finally got some extra value in and am able to dump Tuncay. Kinda now almost wishing I kept him at 1m after a good point was brought up on the Yahoo FB group. Oh well. Milijas and Gomez REALLY screwed things up, plus a quiet Johnson too. He will be getting dumped if he is not up to snuff after this weeks Champions League match before Chelsea Sunday.

  9. Gordon-3.5
    vermaelen-9.5, warnock-3, sonko-9.5
    gerrard-15.5, lennon-6, rosicky-1.5, ohara-6.5
    drogba-14, bent-32, diamanti-to play

    i really frusrated that rosicky din not played from the beginning..wenger should bring in rosicky not that silly diaby..huh

  10. worst week this season. Sitting on 68 points with Given to play. 3 of my players returned NO points. Chose Stevie G over Nando and really kicking myself over that one. But I agree with Tiger, and will make a play for Nando after he faces Chelski and Man yoo. Here is my miserable team.
    Verm-9.5 Heitinga-12 SeeBass-6.5
    JRod-0 Stevie G-15.5 Lennon-6 Hunt-4.5
    Drogs-14 Rooney-0 Tuncay-0

  11. Meh, 72.5 with Given to play. Big fat zero out of both Rooney and Tuncay. I just scrapped the Tuncay experiment yesterday, which I totally should have done weeks ago. It would have been sound in the past, but premium midfielders just aren't very premium right now, and all the points are coming from the forwards.

  12. Given ?
    Verm 9.5
    richards ?
    heitinga 12
    Fibreglass 12
    oHara 6.5
    gerrard 15.5
    yossi 9.5
    drog 14
    tunc 0
    bent 32

    week total so far 111 (thank you bent!)
    my private group leader got 151 with richards still to play (damn you torres!)

  13. The Greek1:37 PM

    Vermaelen - Sonko - Heitinga
    Lennon - O'Hara - Pedersen - Lukas
    Drogba - Rooney - Torres

    101,5 points and still Given to play. I only blame myself for picking Pedersen instead of D.Dunn or Geovanni which were the three canditates for my free spot in midfield. I dropped Torres with no second thought according to the upcoming match-ups. And a big disapointment from Rooney.

  14. Brandinho2:09 PM

    Vermaelen - Warnock - Heitinga
    Ballack - Lennon - Hunt - Mokoena
    Drogba - Torres - Rooney

    87 point with Given left to play. If he doesn't get 13 points, it'll be the first gameweek that I've finished with under 100 points. It's a decent enough return considering that Ballack and Rooney combined for nothing. Seriously contemplating selling Rooney and Ballack and spreading the money around a bit. Arshavin's been awful this year but his price is also as low as it's likely to get so I'm considering bringing him into my team. I'm leading my group easily but I was in the top 200 overall and now I'm down at a rather disappointing 472 with 724 points.

  15. Brandinho2:15 PM

    PS. Not sure why some of you are assuming Torres' value is going to come down after Chelsea and Man U. Aside from the fact that you should never let a tough fixture scare you off of an in-form superstar, we gave up 3 to fucking Wigan and Man U is far from solid at the back. If you don't have him now, odds are you aren't getting him.

  16. Tiger3:03 PM

    Chelsea left 3 goals to Wigan due to some unforeseen cicumstances.. 1) Chelsea's game was unusually bad and i expect a bounce back from Chelsea at their home. 2) Wigan scored the 2nd goal due to a penalty after Cech got sent off. 3) When the 3rd goal went in, A.Cole was injured, so Chelsea were down to 9 men.. So, i would expect a much tougher game from Chelsea this weekend..

    And unless Torres scores 3 goals every weekend or something, his price would come down.. Man U and Chelsea will up their game against fellow big 4 rivals, and considering that Torres will be playing in mid-week CL match, it wont be easy for him..

    That's why we expect his price to come down.. It's a gamble, i agree and i could be wrong, but that's how YFF is.. U take your chances and that's what i'll be doing.

  17. Anonymous3:16 PM

    I doubt anyone has Tevez in their teams? He has already scored one goal...

  18. i think you guys are overreacting to 1 three goal haul. rooney was averaging 16.33 and torres 15.83 before this weekend. i think the implication is that the shift back to forwards being the big scorers is definite.

    i hate to say it but gerrard, lampard, mtay, etc are not going to have any 35.5 point games this year. what would be nice is if gerrard and lampard get in the high teens in price, accordingly with their production. then i would pick them up.

    i am most interested to see how far this giggs run is going to last. i am giving him a chance next week.

  19. jeremy,
    your favorite guy petrov already rung up an assist and a freekick goal in the first half. .69% of our competition have picked him for this game!

  20. Bloody Torres is killing me.... Seems to score at least a brace when I don't pick him.

    I had Given, Verm, SeaBass, Sonko, Lennon, Gerrard, O'Hara, MTay, Defoe, Drogs and Tuncay this week....I dumped Sonko for Heitinga since I had an extra 3.something that I didn't use last week (let's just say I had an eventful Friday night as you guys in the chat found out).

    I think next week Keane-o will be playing more of a provider role for JD so I'm sticking with him. Regardless of what happens to Drogs midweek, I'll be hanging onto him as well. I'm considering dropping down from MTay to a guy like Jordi/Rodwell and ditching Tuncay for a more legit forward.

    Tuncay at 1.00 is like riding your bike with training wheels. Sure it makes things easier all around but you don't realize how much it's holding you back from discovering new players who could actually contribute points. Looking for FW/MF combos that are less than or equal to 16 pts. Thanks in advance guys

  21. I think with the Tuncay thing I fell into the old thinking from when you absolutely had to own a couple of players(usually at great cost) to compete. Back when you had to field 2-3 fillers to own CRon and one of Lamps or Gerrard, Tuncay would have been a godsend... an ultra-cheap filler who might well get you some decent points in the long run.

    Now when there are like 10 good options at forward any given week, and lots of cheap midfield and GK options who will score steadily, it really doesn't make sense. I already had the cheap core of the team I needed in Drogs, Given, Verm, Heit, O'Hara, and Jordi/Billy/Kightly/Hunt/Whoever. But I thought I needed more cheapness for some reason, even though I could afford whoever I wanted at my few free positions. So Tuncay was basically just eating a very important potential forward rotation slot, and the opportunity cost killed me in the form of not owning Torres or Bent or Saha or somebody like that the past few weeks.

    I was still tempted to stay in though, because those cheap midfield guys won't stay cheap forever, and by Spring it'll be tough to decide whether to give up big discounts or load up on players who have double weeks or good matchups. Tuncay could still work, but you have to get everything else right in the meantime or you'll fall too far behind, as I probably already have.

  22. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Need an advice guys. Fabregas/Mokoena or Arshavin/Rodwell for the upcoming fixtures? Please state your preference & reasons for it. Thank you very much

  23. Brandinho7:33 PM

    Tiger, every goal that's ever been scored has been due to unforeseen circumstances. Yes, we played sloppy but we also played Wigan. Regardless of the circumstances, there's no excuse to let them score 3 goals. Will we play better against Liverpool? Of course. But it's also Liverpool, aka actual, legitimate competition.

    I'm also not sure how you've come to your calculations about Torres needing 3 goals every weekend for his price to not come down. As long as he doesn't have one of his quasi-regular 0 SOT, 0 goal, 0 impact games, his price isn't coming down that much. It's entirely possible he won't do anything next week and then you can jump in but it's more likely he'll grab a couple of SOT and a goal and still be unaffordable.

    You're right about taking your chances, though. I took my chance on Torres a number of weeks ago and now I have him at a discount of more than 6.

  24. Anonymous7:46 PM

    All scores in and I have 106. Ran out and picked up Petrov at around 6.

  25. Vetevendosja7:52 PM

    What do you think of this line-up for week7:


    Arsh/Kightly or Hunt/Jordi and have extra 4m...???


  26. KiRage8:42 PM

    total this week is 102.50

    given 9
    verm 9.5
    I. Sonko 9.5
    Heitinga 12
    Lennon 6
    Milner 20
    Fellaini 9.5
    Palacios -1.5
    Defoe 11
    Rooney 0
    Saha 17.5

    not sure if gonna keep roon 4 nex week

  27. Vetevendosja,
    i would not do arsh/kightly because asrhavin is not a fantasy force and kightly is a few weeks away from blossoming.
    the other pairing i wouldn't do either. hunt's per week average is skewed towards the first week where he got a goal. he has been producing, OK, ever since. jordi should not be picked up by anyone til he shows that he is back to his early returns.
    i don't know why you don't go lennon and jarvis or prince boateng. geovanni and tamir cohen is another option. another option is giggs and boateng or ohara or brown or whomever

  28. Total for the Philadelphia Backwash in BTB Group 4 - 113.50.

    Pretty I'm debating dropping Nando at +5 because I'm thinking he will pick up a yellow at the Bridge without a I mad?

  29. I got 137.00 this week.
    was NOT confident about my team.
    total of 752.50, which puts me in 151st worldwide. I'm pretty happy so far.

  30. 119 got me back to 624. Rank still a 5 digit number.

  31. Agree with you Bradinho.. Torres might do well after all.. He's a quality player and i can understand perfectly why you are holding on to him.. I myself would keep him if i had him at that price.. But as i missed that boat, i would look at other favourable match-ups and keep my finger crossed on Torres.

    Good luck, mate ;)

  32. GORDON 3.50
    HEITINGA 12.00
    CUELLAR 4.00
    RODWELL O.OO= Dropped for BILLY on bd, he was terrible
    MILNER 20.00
    FABS 12.00
    YOSSI 9.50
    DEFOE 11.00 BENT 32.00 DROGBA 14.00 Tlt 121
    #18 on BTB#2
    Never bit on TUNCAY- Agree with J.DUNN above.
    Have done well with middle priced middys and good luck with forwards and A.COLE

  33. shadowgex12:11 AM

    what are peoples thoughts on benayoun and ballack next week? i got them both at discount (both around 8.5M), but ballack didnt even play this week and i'm just not sure how consistent benayoun will be.

    should i replace them, and if so, whats a good combo for a bit over 17M?

  34. Anonymous2:00 AM

    Only 93 this week
    Quite good consider no Nino, BEnt and Keano on my team.. But I am slowly sliding in my group..
    Having Bellamy lasy night but Tevez the one who make double..

  35. Anonymous2:49 AM

    Hi Neal, Vincent again :). The party was great but Bent getting 30+ points wasnt part of my plan...

    My team: Given, Vermaelen, Heitinga, Bassong, Yossi, Lennon, Rodwell, Ballack, Drogba, Torres, Keane. 139 pts total with given still to go.

    I have changed most of my team except for drogba, vermaelen and given since i have them from the first week. GL guys

  36. u are 1 of the best fantasist i think..
    can i get some tips from u for every week game?

  37. Chris5:02 AM

    My team lineup this week:
    Given 9
    Hutton 0
    Alexander 0.5
    T. Vermaelen 9.5
    Gerrald 15.5
    Cattermore 2
    Huddlestone 12
    Brown 8
    Defoe 11
    Torres 35.5
    Drogba 14

    Total: 117.

    I'm been scoring for the past 4 weeks above 110 per week. Luckily I followed closely to the premier league players. Currently: 696.5

  38. Are there any news on A.Cole's injuury? Thanks.

  39. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Sal Zainal said :

    Gordon 3.5
    Vermaelen 9.5
    Heitinga 12
    Sonko 9.5
    Hunt 4.5
    Gerrard 15.5
    Gomez 0
    Thudd 12
    Drogs 14
    Rooney 0
    Eduardo 0

    Total this week :80.5

    Should i replace rooney & gomez this week?

  40. I'm going to try my luck with Hull, Wolves and Burnley this week.

    Martin Petrov's value shot up very quickly but I could have sworn that it went down late last night(US) only to go back up this morning. Glad I BD'ed him. If he plays regularly, he will be an absolute steal at 6.73.

    Like others, I dropped Rodwell after this week. I had him since week one and he was earning his value back. But it seems like he doesn't get forward enough. He'll probably put in a goal this week to spite me.

    I tweeted Jozy Altidore that I was starting Vennegor unless he told me that he was starting. No answer back from yet. The US U-20 could use him in Egypt this week though.

    To answer others, it's tough to drop Rooney this week at home to Sunderland. The last two weeks have been bad for Rooney owners, but he will score this weekend, methinks.

    I picked up Michael Turner last week and was rewarded with a nice 16 point return. I think I'm pushing my luck this week though that he can duplicate that. Thoughts?

  41. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Jarvis or D Fletcher?

  42. Brandinho2:07 PM

    Just go with your instincts, man. Neal and Jeremy provide a lot of great info, but ultimately, you're the one who has to make the choices. How much fun would the game be if you just did what other people said, anyway?

  43. Dead Leg United3:58 PM

    137 with .5 points coming from Duff, Kitson and Wilkinson (not paying attention on that one) combined.

    Bent Kitson Torres
    Dunn Duff Hunt Gerrard
    Wilkinson Vermaelen Heitenga

    Sitting on 697 for the season.

  44. Anonymous8:59 PM

    To Everyone: Why didn't Rooney get any points this week? He did play, right?

  45. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Hi, just like to know what you guys think of my team for week 7
    Given (no brainer)
    Vermaelen (have him a while cost too much to change)
    Sonko (got at 4.3)
    Fletcher (new add this week home to Sunderland)
    Rosiky (If he starts may be worth the gamble)
    Rodwell (cheap home game)
    Barry (model to score against Villa)
    Torres (have him since start)
    Drogba (Have him since start)
    Rooney (New add paid 17.65, cant score as badly as last week)

    let me know what you think.....

  46. Anonymous12:09 AM

    anonymous...u won't score any point :P pls count your players :X

  47. Anonymous2:06 AM

    Hey sorry for that i missed Heitinga It shoud have read as follows;
    Given (no brainer)
    Vermaelen (have him a while cost too much to change)
    J. Heitinga (got him for 5.8
    Sonko (got at 4.3)
    Fletcher (new add this week home to Sunderland)
    Rosiky (If he starts may be worth the gamble)
    Rodwell (cheap home game)
    Barry (model to score against Villa)
    Torres (have him since start)
    Drogba (Have him since start)
    Rooney (New add paid 17.65, cant score as badly as last week)
    So what do you think now???

  48. Anonymous5:08 AM

    you got superb strikers but your midfield too risky...sonko rarely score big pts againts poor teams..fletcher not sure starter same as rosicky...rodwell you get what you pay...barry is away from home while torres n drogba are only depends on rooney and if he score as last week, you will die :P