Keeper crisis for Black Cats?

via AFP:
Scotland suffered a major blow on Wednesday when goalkeeper Craig Gordon was ruled out of their crucial World Cup qualifying match against the Netherlands after failing a fitness test on a thigh injury.

The Sunderland shot-stopper missed training due to the problem on Monday and was given a 50-50 chance of playing.
So both of Sunderland's first team keepers are injury doubts heading into what should have been a home banker against Hull City. Now combine that with the Black Cat's lack of a recognized left-back and the likes of Stephen Hunt and Kamel Ghilas become more attractive fantasy options.

Unless you think Trevor Carson is the bet.


  1. If Trevor Carson is related to Scott Carson, I'd be very worried for Black Cats fans...

  2. Anonymous12:14 AM

    The Assistant Manager has picked Gordon as the Keeper for Week 4, me, i think Howard or Reina will be the performers.

  3. This is Steve Bruce's fault. Right before the international break, he said something about Sunderland's line-up finally should be able to be stable for a while. I yelled at the computer when I saw it. I knew he jinxed them.

    Like when a golf announcer says, "Tiger Woods hasn't missed a green all day."


    Crowd: "Awwwww..."

  4. do u all think that rosicky will come back in this week?

  5. I wouldn't expect him to start. Cesc is back so they have enough midfielders, and I wouldn't think Sicky is ready for two games in a week.

  6. I would love to see Sicky back to his best, he really is an awesome talent and I'm sure if he had the same fitness as say a BFFL he would be up there as a premium middie...providing Arsene played him in his favored position instead of out wide!!

  7. 'Sicky was a great fantasy player, but I'm not sold on his contribution to Arsenal. He always got his fantasy points, but usually on late shots on goal after the game had already been decided. I can't remember him turning a game for the Gunners.

    But I'll defer to Neal and he's the Arsenal die-hard.

  8. Anonymous1:32 PM

    @ Jeremy -

    Should i pick Cesc or MTay ??
    *plzz suggest...*

  9. eric w1:50 PM

    Who will replace Arshavin?

  10. @Anon... MTay. And this is for you too, @eric w. Cesc will play deeper to allow Diaby freedom to support the attack. At least that's how Wenger outlined it earlier in the season. Meanwhile MTay will get kicks and chances against struggling Pompey - his old club.

  11. The only game I remember 'Sicky doin the biz in was at may have been in the FA Cup though so for FF purposes it doesn't count. However, If played behind the front 2 or 1 he could be deadly if fit. As for MTay, I have a dilemma as to go with him of BFAY...what do you think guys? I know it's the Brum Derby but I think that adds an extra emphasis on Villa coming out a playing with a desire to really win at all costs.