The most horrendous bout of cramp

Just a flesh wound.

If "the most horrendous bout of cramp." isn't your new team name, I'll be very disappointed in you.

from Sporting Life:
Didier Drogba has been given the all-clear to resume training on Thursday after being carried off against Tottenham on Sunday with a calf injury.

The Ivory Coast international is set to figure in the squad for the trip to Wigan on Saturday after a scan revealed there was no serious damage to his calf...

"Didier had a scan and there's no problem with his calf," confirmed Chelsea's assistant boss Ray Wilkins. "It was just the most horrendous bout of cramp.
Here's the original story from It's also interesting to note that Joe Cole and Yuri Zhirkov will start Chelsea's Carling Cup match against QPR.

So Chelsea's midfield just got even more crowded and even more difficult to predict.


  1. Phew..I think I would have kept him even if it was just a week out. But this works out nicely seeming as he can now be rested for the CC and be back ready for the Prem on Sat.

  2. Gotta agree with Ketz, Drogba at +6 wasn't getting dropped over one game. Heck, I'd have left him on the squad even if it was two games.

    The Zhirkov situation is disappointing. Not sure if I'm prepared to gamble this week on him. But, at 6, he is one of the few great bargains left.

  3. Is it a bargain if he and Malouda (and JCole?) rotate in and out of Chelsea's midfield?

  4. As much as I'd love to go with Zhirkov (because I remember seeing him a few years back in the CL and he looked awesome) I just can't justify it. If there is some cast iron (curtain) news that he will be starting this Sat then maybe but like the bloggers say, there is just too much in that Chelsea midfield to make you go with anything else other than Lamps. God I hate rotation.

    On another topic..what do we think about he worth another week?

    For those of us that were willing to take a risk on the Turkish captain, and by a risk, I mean spending a measly 1mil for him, has that risk paid off? Immediately I already hear the naysayers shouting out the obvious. "he doesn't even get any playing time", "he wastes the valuable spot of a potential big point scorer - striker" "he's crap", etc. All valid points especially the last one.

    The other side of the Tuncay argument is just as perplexing. I already hear the yaysayers shouting out the obvious. "he cost me less than Mok", "he was probably Boro's most productive player last season along with Downing", "it's only a matter of time before a player of his calibre get's points" and finally "Now that he's 7+mill no one will be able to afford him and still have the luxury of picking two to three premium players".


  5. Gavin4:41 PM

    I'm going to ride the Tuncay wave another couple weeks. If he doesn't start seeing playing time, I'm going to have to get rid of him, though. Strikers seem to be getting the lion's share of points this year, with Ronaldo gone and Stevie G and Lamps not quite picking up where they left off last season. I think I'll give it two more weeks before I'm back to a full strength front line and enablers further back.

  6. - I'd love to give Zhirkov a go at bargain price, but JS is right. the rotation, can't justify it. NO way he's playing left back with Ashley Cole there. I'm staying FAR away (until an injury of course!)
    - Tuncay: The reason WHY I don't like him at 1.00 is this: By picking him ENABLES you to get the premium players. Lamps and Gerrard, however, they haven't done as well, so by 'wasting' a spot on Tuncay when it can easily go towards a DBent or a HRod who COULD get you big points, whereas Tuncay looks like it MIGHT be a handful at best. ALOT of teams already have Rooney/Torres/Drogba and havin Tuncay means missing out on one of them.

  7. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Which position will Zhirkov be playing in Chelsea? Is he a left winger or left back?

  8. I got Tuncay at 1.00 but dropped him the next week as I really couldn't afford to have one striker spot left "unused" even if there's a +6 on him.

    Jeremy, a quick question. On this week's matchups, should I stay Verm+Gordon or change for McCartney+Given?

    I see Given at a low 6.44 and am tempted. But Gordon should provide okay points as well. Verm is on a roll currently and I'm a little hesitant to switch him out. Perhaps it would be better to BD for Given?

  9. Ballack did well for me last week, but what is his fantasy future in this now crowded midfield?

  10. GTR 342:10 AM

    eric10234 - Just leave Vermaelen in your team, and make him a keeper for the rest of the season.

    A Cole and terry are the two starters in the Chelsea defence. A Cole has cemented the LB position, and Zhirkov will not be playing regularly in that slot barring an injury or suspension to Cole.

    Zhirkov, Ivanovic and Carvalho will be used on a rotational basis.

  11. Hello!

    Joined at week 3 (I think) in my first season, can anyone suggest what to change on this team:

    Given (6.44)
    Bassong (5.09) M. Richards (6.92) W. Bridge (7.67)
    Lennon (11.5) J. Gomez (6.54) S. Hunt (9.17) O'Hara (6.59)
    Tuncay (1) Agbonlahor (10.75) Torres (17.42)

    10.91 left and I still believe in Tuncay at 1. :)
    I'm thinking of changing Agbonlahor to Defoe and probaby the 2 city defenders as they seem a bit pricey. Plus still not convinced Wigan's Gomez a good choice before the Chelsea game.

    On a different note, anyone can tell how the price changes work?
    I often see player value changing a bit between matchdays, especially in the first one or two days after a given matchday then the changes stop, is there a general idea behind this?

    Finally, a bit offtopic - Fantasy Euro, is there a topic for that?

    Thx in advance for any help!

  12. Fidan7:02 AM

    Any suggestion on this one:

    Defoe/Bass or Benitez/BAE???

    It's the last decision I have to make for this gameweek, but I really have no guts to make any decision and save any option, esp for the fact that I have Saha for 10m at bd.

    In one hand, if Jensen "the Beast" is really injured (as it seems) then Defoe could really score BIG but Bassong being a serious doubt makes this option a little hazy. In the the other hand, Benitez has been a really fired-up last game he started and missing in the CC I think he's due to another start against may I say porous Bolton and BAE always produces and with a defensive away Burnley I can see him going forward a lot and he has a sweet powerful shot...Sooo, any suggestion would really help!!!