Bet They're Wishing They'd Signed Ribery Last Month...

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Chelsea have been banned from registering any new players for the next two transfer windows after FIFA found them guilty of inducing a French teenager to breach his contract with another club.

Gael Kakuta, 18, joined Chelsea from Lens two years ago but the French club lodged a complaint with the sport's world governing body.

Now FIFA's dispute resolution chamber (DRC) has ruled that Kakuta breached his contract with Lens and that Chelsea induced him to do so.
Talk about some stunning news from out of nowhere.  Either the editors at Football365 are having some fun with us in the wake of the transfer window closing and their being no more sensational stories of immediate interest or FIFA have over-reacted to something that doesn't seem to merit it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sort of giddy at the notion of Chelsea not being able to throw their cash around in January or next Summer but isn't this entirely on the player?  A club can't force a player to breach a contract, they can only suggest it and facilitate it by being willing to sign a player who has made that decision.  You can argue that in signing the player, they have acted unethically but it seems minor in contrast to the type of "tapping up" that goes on all the time - Real Madrid being the masters. 

Is this FIFA finally finding a way to hit back at Chelsea for buying success as opposed to building it organically the way they perceive Real, Bacra, Milan, ManYoo, and Arsenal have done?  Is it just that there is more of a paper trail than there ever is in any of the alleged "tapping up" situations? 

Regardless, just a bizarre thing to wake up to this morning.  Even more so when you think about how old Chelsea's current squad is and the impact that not refreshing their talent base might have if any of their main cogs (Lamps, JT, Drogs, Elk) fall off significantly between now and January 2011 when they can next buy players.


  1. Ridiculous ban...I'm sure an appeal will get the ban reduced, but such a lengthy ban for apparently 'inducing a player to breach his contract'. Bollocks.

  2. With Roman's money and influence I cant see this ban sticking for two consecutive transfer windows. I'm willing to bet it will be reduced to only the January window, which will not be that big of a deal.

    If for some reason this ban sticks, they are in real trouble. Not being able to buy until January of 2011 (Which means they will not be able to buy significantly until summer '11) will completely decimate their aging squad AND force them to invest huge sums again to replenish the squad in 2011.

    Virtually all of their team in 2011 would be 30 or over. lol

    Hope it sticks, but cant imagine it will.

    Of all the things a club could get banned for this is fairly weak. I'd imagine every big club of note has "suggested" similar things of players.

    But, this could be a great thing for world football. You'd never want it at your clubs expense, but I do believe the dark side of the transfer market, especially in regards to youth players, is unethical and unfair to feeder teams.

  3. You can't tell me Man Utd didn't have the same kind of contact, or something close to it, in the case of Federico Macheda. Looks to me like FIFA were looking for a reason with Chelsea. Appeal will be successful on some level, I would imagine.

  4. Brandinho6:51 PM

    Sepp Blatter is scum, it's as simple as that. Federico Macheda leaves his boyhood club in his hometown to help his family out financially...yeah, totally different situation, right FIFA? Bollocks.

  5. A little off topic here but I see the Fantasissy has added the players with prices to many of the new transfers. Although, again this season with Yahoo, they always leave a couple out..and in my mind a good one in Jonny H. I think I'm gonna take him as a def when I can get a read on him. Apparently I've heard he likes a yellow card now and then and doesn't get forward too much...but that was in Spain so he could be more accustomed to the English game..we'll see. Any more opinions on Jonny H?

  6. i had heitinga last season in la liga, from game 1 to about 2/3 of the way through the season. he had a goal and a clean sheet his first game, then produced great points and had his price sky rocket. i thought i had the best defender pick, that i had ever made. he then was out a few games with injury. when he returned, he was good for 4 games, scoring another goal, then he sank.
    the atletico madrid team was so up and down last year. they attacked without worry for defense, so that left 3 or 4 defensive players to ward off the attacks of the other teams. all of the defenders fouled a lot. he started getting cards, 10 in total. he eventually got down to 1.00 i kept him because i needed the space to pay for messi, daniel alves and henry from barcelona. he didn't get forward a lot.
    i watched him during champions league and he had a more advanced role. he chipped in with one more goal, during the season and 2 for the national team, no assists.
    for me i may pick him up, as i am dutch/american and always pick up dutch players when i can. his problem, last year was that there were hardly any clean sheet points for atletico defenders, just 10 all year, of which he was in the game for 6 or 7.
    another possible contention was that la liga fantasy scoring did not seem to be, as well detailed, as this year. i have played all of the other leagues, every year they have existed, and they were very marginal. you would just have score that would appear and would not be based on a lot of phantom points. you generally went with scorers and assist people, as those points always showed up. i don't know if that was a reason heitinga points were so low, either. he finshed negative points for the year.

  7. Yea I think Heitinga will go forward a lot, probably more productive than Hibbert. I am planning to get him when he becomes available.

    I wanted to ask another thing tho.
    Who will pair Terry more? Alex or Carvalho?
    I want to say carvalho, since he’s been in excellent form from preseason. Last year alex saw more starting, but carvalho had injuries plus scolari and hiddink didnt really like carvalho.
    what you think? any insights?
    just in case you’re wondering, I am playing private draft and Cole, Terry, bosingwa are all taken. But Alex and carvalho are free

  8. 1) What are we gonna do this weekend without any footy?! WAY too soon to have a break!
    2) The Kakuta-gate is is complicated. Dunno how a TEAM can encourage a player to break HIS contract. Players responsibility?!
    3) Alex has been injured and Carvalho has played in 3/4 games (only break being the mid-week with Sunderland to prolly give him a break.)
    NO idea who Ancelotti favours more? Alex was a force when he played. But last I saw Alex is still injured.

  9. Alex's injury looks rather minor and i think he will be back pretty soon. It will be a good topic to discuss since Carvalho/alex is cheaper than terry or cole.

  10. A Pedant7:39 PM

    How can Chelsea be guilty of inducing Kakuta to breach his contract? It was illegal for Lens to have signed Kakuta to a contract. Is Fifa now suggesting that a pre-contract agreement is really a contract? And the penalty for that is what?