Injuries and Suspensions

Here we go again.  For those who want a quick summary you can find the widget in the middle column if you scroll down a bit.  They aren't perfect but it's about as comprehensive a resource as you can have in one place.  One thing I don't know is if they follow the American convention for the meanings of terms like "doubtful" (25% likely to play); "questionable" (50% likely to play) and "probable" (75% likely to play).  That's generally how I interpret those words after years and years of being trained that way by NFL injury reports (just thought I'd let you know).

Here's the quick rundown of each match, the injury and suspension situation, and what it means to you, the fantasy manager...

Fulham v. Arsenal - Arshavin and Walcott are back with Arshavin likely to start and Walcott most likely to come off the bench (in my opinion).  Almunia is still another week away so Mannone will get another start.  Based on talent, Arshavin should be in your consideration set but at the current price and based on the fact that he hasn't been great when Cesc has been in the line-up, it's hard to think about spending that much money on him.  On the other side of the ball, Fulham players aren't the greatest best this weekend given the opposition but there are no injuries to worry about so if you are interested in someone from their starting XI, they should be available to play.

Blackburn v. Villa - Not many forced changes to report in this one - Sidwell, AY, and Heskey are probable but not definite to play and Big Sam is contemplating giving Benni a start but there are better options out there if you need a striker. If word comes down that AY is definitely out, Milner becomes more valuable.

Birmingham v. Bolton - Seems to be a bit of a theme but not too much to report really - some returning players for Brum (Larsson, Carr, Vignal, Carsley) and Sean Davis to be out for a long spell for Bolton but nothing that should shake the foundations of your fantasy team.

Spurs v. Burnley - Raise your hand if you've heard this before somewhere...there are major questions for Spurs in the centre of defence.  King and Woody are both apparently out.  SeaBass will face the dreaded late fitness test after picking up a few knocks against Chelsea last weekend.  Dawson came through the Carling Cup match so if SeaBass can't go it will likely be Dawson and Corluka in the middle.  Not much of note for Burnley other than Jensen being questionable in net - come to think of it, that could be a big deal for Spurs if Jensen can't go.  He's been a great shot-stopper when Burnley have been under fire from superior attacks.  If Jensen IS out, Spurs attackers (Defoe, Keane, Lennon, THud, etc) will be that much more valuable.

Pompey v. Everton - The Yak is back (fun to say) but it seems unlikely that he'll start this week given Saha's form and the likely desire to work Yakubu back in slowly to ensure that he doesn't re-injure himself.  Elsewhere on the pitch, Pienaar and Yobo willl have "late fitness tests".  Not much of any note to report from a Pompey team that you should probably be avoiding like the plague outside of O'Hara if you have him for a bargain price.

Liverpool v. Hull - Nothing out of the ordinary here - Liverpool and Hull are pretty much fully fit.  No word on who Hull prefers at striker in this situation but given the opposition, I'm not sure it matters too much.

Stoke v. ManYoo - Bad news for Tuncay fans (and those who have him at 1.00).  Even though Beattie and Fuller are both doubtful the team report has Tony Pulis thinking about Richard Cresswell to partner Dave Kitson.  No mention of why Tuncay wouldn't get the call but my recollection is that he's a pretty good player.  The ManYoo question is really at keeper and is a selection choice rather than an injury or suspension issue - looks like Foster will retain his place.  Also looks like Rio will be back in the line-up.

Wigan v. Chelsea - Drogs is healthy and should get the start.  JCole and Zhirkov will be in the 18 but seem likely to have places on the bench as they work their way back but watch the Barn Door in case one or both get a start.  Wigan is fully fit.

Sunderland v. Wolves - Cattermole and McCartney seem very likely to play after recovering from injuries. Wolves appear to be fit not that it should make too much difference to you.


  1. Macgill11:35 AM

    Weighing the late fitness test and no friday transfers against each other has left me thinking of moving pienaar/bassong for palacios/g.johnson. Any advice on this?

  2. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Go for it Macgill!

  3. Should I replace MTay for Fab this weekend? I have him at 14++ and he gave 3 goals in a 3-weeks-row..

  4. No, Keep faith with MTay, use your money elsewhere.

  5. @Macgill: Replacing two doubtfull players with two players with awesome match-ups, I'd definitely do it.

  6. milner and warnock? or micah richards and Reid? Opinion?

  7. Anonymous2:28 PM

    I have Baines at you think I should change him for G.Johnson (12.29)?

  8. Macgill4:58 PM

    Yeah, I think that is what I will end up doing. Thanks for the advice

  9. Some Spurs tidbits concerning Bassong:

    Cleared by a head and neck specialist earlier in the week, Sebastien will have a late fitness test before Harry makes a final decision for Burnley. "He feels alright so hopefully it won't be a problem," reported Harry after training on Friday.

    AFTER the main session finished, Gareth Bale, Tom Huddlestone and Niko Kranjcar spent a little while longer...honing their free-kick and shooting techniques"

    Might give you an idea of WHO might be playing/taking kicks for Spurs against Burnley

  10. really struggling with my team. I really only have 9 (got Tuncay at 1 & Mokoena at 1.7)

    Drog & Bent in front
    Lennon, Ballack & Gerrard
    Verm, A Cole, Heitinga back
    Cudicini between the sticks.

    Got Drogs, Verm, Bent, ACole & Ballack at a total of $14 discount from market.

    thinking about Saha over Bent... but then need to downgrade Cudicini to Given/Foster. I think Cudicini is a good keep for 5 games.

    Any comments

  11. @Tom Parrott... Gomes is back, or coming back, from injury so you can sell Carlo with a moderately clear conscience.

  12. Beat me to it JS!
    what he said! Cudicini is playing well, and Gomes is their #1, so maybe they will rotate?! a situation I'd avoid, so jump off now. Grab Given while he's still cheap(ish)
    Team looks in good shape!

  13. I think in his short time with the first team at White Hart Lane, Cudicini showed why Gomes is the first-choice keeper.

  14. Well, here we go. I have got 2.35 left over and am in a pickle with Tuncay up top (got him for 1 though). So really only have 10 men.

    Vermaelen/G Johnson/A Wilkinson
    Milijas/Lennon/J. Gomez/ MTay
    Defoe/Nando/Tuncay the cheap benchwarmer

    Right now, Wilkinson is really my big worry. I will gain some value I am sure and then prolly make some big moves. Thoughts?

  15. Anyone have any strong feeling about Hutton? I would love to pick him up, but if Dawson and SeaBass play center back Corluka keeps Hutton on the bench. Is it worth gambling, or going with GMcC who will play for Sunderland home to Wolves?

  16. Anonymous12:20 AM

    jeremy i would love 2 pick hutton but i think bassong will be ok & corluka will play @ rb

  17. I do NOT have a strong feeling about Hutton.
    a) Harry seems to trust Bassong ALOT more than I would have thought. Bassong has filled in WAY more than expected and has not looked out of place at all.
    B) Corluka does NOT look comfortable at CB. Sure he's good cover in emergencies, but a full 90, no chance.

    I think harry would rather play Bassong, even not 100%, than use Hutton/Corluka.

  18. have Basso,Pienarr,and Crouch [my funny feeling pick], all at risk of not starting, switching to Heitinga,Rodwell @defoe[ every body and his/or her mother has him ,what do you think?

  19. @Jeremy & @Owen - Cheers! thanks for the ins on Gomes... will drop Bent/Cudicini for Saha/Given. Looking forward to the Spore GP & then some football tonight!! Like to see Stoke do an upset!

  20. driving myself nuts with changes. safe pick/gambling.
    Went with Bassong over Givet. Myhill to Given, and then had spare change to upgrade Milijas to....Chose KPB! (other options were Tamir Cohen to pick as a flyer!)
    How accurate IS yahoo's 'expected' line-ups? I like THudd, but with Jenas back, Thudd could be the victim this week?!
    Keeping an eye on the BarnDoor as usual!

  21. Anonymous2:01 AM

    Please help this due out with his team :)


    I still have 9 left over.
    So,Hunt or Crouch?? Or someone else under Hunt's current M.P??

    Please help.

  22. Forget about Hunt, he's at Anfield. If Crouch is starting, then go for him; otherwise consider Huddlestone...

  23. Anyone know anything about whether M Richards is going to play?

  24. i think u should go for hunt..
    believe he will never dissapointed u..

  25. + anythuing wrong with picking yossi??