Matchday Open Thread

Just comments stream today.

Diamanti on the bench. Milner injured, but Petrov passed fit.

Good luck, all.


  1. Anyone watching the game? Seems wide open with five shots on target already - Collison (yay!), Parker, Petrov, Noble and Carew working the keepers.

  2. Watching Liverpool here. Aquilini not playing, I believe he is on the bench though. Thinking I need to dump Diamanti for the weekend then?

  3. Doesn't seem like he's a starter, which is a shame. Time to drop him.

  4. Agreed. Hmm. Got him at like 9. I have 4.7 extra too ...

  5. I moved Diamanti to Bellamy with some creative work in midfield and D.

    But wait... CCole pulls a hammy? I'm just following the text but that's what Yahoo is intimating. Don't make that trade just yet!

  6. BBC Substitution Zavon Hines joins the action as a substitute, replacing Carlton Cole.

    Yahoo! And it looks like Cole may have pulled his hamstring!!

    Mark Noble put his head in his hands as soon as Cole went down. There's no way he's going to continue.

    And there's the change. Zavon HInes comes on for the luckless Carlton Cole.

  7. Wow... Hines. What does Diam have to do to get a game? Sell! Sell!

  8. It's as if I am getting it by telegraph!

    Right now I have (after Monday changes)
    S. Given
    Vermaelen, Heitinga, Gibbs (Gibbs for Dunne)
    M. Brown (for Moko), Etherington (for Chung-Yung), Aquilini (for Bily), Dunn
    Drogba, Torres, Diamanti (maybe get Bent? Crouch? Slide up and use this on defense?)

  9. Shame too! he was hitting about 10-12 pts each match for 6 weeks and this week is his only bad week. Chance it for Everton maybe? Hmm.

  10. Warnock taking corners for Villa... for all you BFAY owners.

  11. Anonymous3:26 PM

    @Jeremy -

    I know this might sound dumb and immature(YFF wise) ....
    But why aint anyone picking Beattie?? : )
    He IS against the ever porous Hull-D !!

    And I'm really heavy on Stoke,Citeh,Gunners,Blackburn,and,Pompey!!
    ALL my players are from the above teams only! And FYI I have NO player above 12$$ : )

    Here's The Team! :

    Vermaelen~Gibbs~Ben Haim

    I'm considering switching from BenHaim/Ethring to Samba/Larsson!
    Good Switch/Bad Switch ??

    : )

  12. Two gamers were utter failures to my week...

    I cannot believe Diamanti cannot even get in after a C.Cole injury, especially how his form has been!

    AY is the disappointment of the season perhaps.

    Here's to a better next week...

  13. Beattie hasn't produced much this season. But yes, this would be the week to pick him.

  14. Anonymous3:35 PM

    wtf, u know as they have had 2 subs already west ham wont make changes in case of yet another injury. .. . . .get diamanti on as he is poss the hammers best man at the moment

  15. Noble PK ruins Freidel's week - and mine.

    Oh for Diamanti to have been on the pitch to take it.

  16. Bloody hell...

    In one bad call, there goes Friedel/Dunne shutout + AY with a YC.

    At least let Lyon beat the reds to improve the evening...

  17. Anonymous3:44 PM

    How is Diamanti not on the pitch even after Cole went down? Is he a head case/team cancer? FBFAY with the yellow to end the half is just adding insult to injury.


  18. PK to Villa but Green stones BFAY - or BFAY misses. I don't know. But Green is going to out Given Given today!

  19. Oh my... as I said.. AY the disappointment of the year on a penalty miss!

    Can this week get any worse?!

  20. BFAY set-piece goal! What a crazy game... and I'll be lucky to leave it with any points.

    Just crazy.

  21. Anonymous4:00 PM

    My 2 gamer strategy for this week has officially blown up in my face


  22. Redemption... did I speak too soon?

    AY with a goal in the 53' minute!!

  23. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Well, FBFAY may just pull out positive points!

  24. Sad, but I'm thinking the same about Freidel. Just want positive points and get out of the week "alive".

  25. Anonymous4:13 PM

    erm..just curious here? who is FBFAY? or BFAY?

  26. BFAY (Blog Favorite Ashley Young)'s goal wasn't a set piece, sorry. Assist to Gabby.

    Collison corner won and shot (2nd of the day). SPet booked.

    More silliness to come as the teams chase a win, or does the game peter out to a draw?

  27. GOAL LYON!!! 1-1!


  28. Beye sent off. 10th(?) red card of the week. Silly indeed.

    Young Luke on for Carew. I'm guessing Gabby is a lone fwd for the last 5 mins.

  29. Jimenez comes on. WTF? At least I got points from Diamanti LAST week, but this is ridiculous.

  30. Friedel gives up a goal in the 94th minute... what a horrendous game and waste... Villa, your players are dead to me.

  31. I guess Hines was the right call by Zola. Scores to win the match at the death after earning the PK. Freidel looking to earn around 4pts from saves. Gabby 10 to 15. Collison 7 or 8.

    Sigh. If only I had stuck with Given.

  32. With Ilunga hurt, I might try Spector. From the commentary, it sounds like he was busy.

  33. Anonymous5:58 PM

    53 points from 3 players, that's what I got, result!!!

  34. Anonymous5:59 PM

    I don't agree with the Collison love, I bought Noble for 10 and got 33 pts, happy days!

  35. FlyingHamster6:07 PM

    The fact that Milner and Diamenti didn't play disappoint me, but at least I am brave enough to stick with Noble. Guess not that Diamenti is not first choice, Mark Noble might become valuable again. Got 62 points out of 5 2-gamers. Actually only 3 played, but still not bad.

  36. Anonymous7:04 PM

    I don't know if any of you are playing Fantasy Champions League but I am and am proud to say that I did pretty good, even though I forgot to buy Drogba and make him my Captain...that's another thing that I forgot to do, choose a friggin captain. It's okay though, got 133 points.

  37. - Noble and Given saved my week! Shot back up to 293th overall.
    - I had a few horrible Champions League weeks. Got 88.5 this round.
    - I'm still sticking with Givet over Gibbs.
    - Who needs Yahoo's matchcast wehn JSpitz comments on the game!

  38. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Nasri did very well last night and scored..
    hope Wenger put in Nasri in the starting line up this coming going to Nasri..hehe

  39. Well 153.5 for the week ain't too shabby!! Love it! Looking forward to the barn door live this weekend..but I'm feeling pretty depressed right now as I'm watching the Phils get pummeled by NY.

  40. the bench seat is better than Milner.

  41. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Rodwell or Palacios?