Week Two Barn Door Team

A bit of analysis, including who is on the bubble, coming soon.

This was my team after the weekend matches, though in truth I do have Riise and Formica held "behind the scenes", as Nik likes to say.  There's obviously a strong Manchester City contingent after yesterday's match.  Aguero was devestating in his 30-minute cameo and I wouldn't expect his playing time to be limited going forward.  Silva was the straw that stirred the drink, and Richards and Toure were sometimes the most advanced players on the pitch!  They travel to Bolton this weekend (top of the table clash!), and I am still betting against the Trotters.  Yes, I tried that last weekend with Taarabt and DJ Campbell, and no it didn't work out.  Bolton have a settled back five at the moment, even if those players couldn't keep a clean sheet to save their lives last season.  I'm not going to over-react to the QPR match (though maybe I'm over-reacting to the Swansea match?) and I'm going to bet on Citeh to do the business again.

Everton and Aston Villa get strong representation here, with two players apiece. Everton are opening their season and get to do so now at home, against QPR.  Saha is fit and does well when healthy.  Cahill should again play as a withdrawn forward, which is great for a fantasy midfielder.  He's also healthy, and scored for Australia against Wales last week. Mikel Arteta is back for Everton, but I'm not sure he'll start.  Osman is a bit more expensive than Cahill but could also represent a good bet.

Aston Villa are represented after their credible 0-0 draw at Fulham.  Given goes into the team and can hopefully replicate the clean sheet at home against a struggling Rovers side. Rovers played Hanley and N'Zonzi at center back last weekend so N'Zogbia (battle of the N's!) gets the nod in midfield.  Other candidates for the fantasy team would include Darren Bent - LOVE the idea of his running at that makeshift backline) and Warnock - who is back in the team and getting involved going forward as far as I can tell.

Rounding out the team is Luis Suarez, who picked up right where he left off after last season and seems to be a +10 fantasy player.  He should love running at, and around, the Arsenal defence this weekend.  That defence may or may not have Gibbs as he is not "unlikely" to be fit.  I may keep Gibbs at his ridiculously low price, but I may look to gut Bosingwa and bring in two mid-price defenders (back to Riise?) for the combined value.


  1. What are your thoughts on Van der Vaart?

    De Gea lets in goals from distance so I can totally see VdV trying those long distance shots and one or two of them going in.

  2. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Is Adebayor going to start for Tott?

  3. Anonymous3:58 PM

    I am hearing that Gibbs has done his hamstring in the Champions League match against Udinese! Is that true!?

  4. Both gibbs and his sub Djourou....time to reshuffle my back line

  5. how about hernandez?stil out of the game for next week?

  6. Hello Jeremy

    what do you think would be better for next week
    Bent and Sessegenon or Gyan and Nzogbia ?

    also for the long term, Hoolahan or Moses ?

  7. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Given has a minor injury, keep an eye on that one!

  8. Daniel1:47 PM

    Will Baines be much of a force this season?

    I currently have (among others) Downing, Graham, Hoolahan, Taarabt, and Riise and am thinking of trading Downing and one of the others for Baines and Ramsey (as a stop-gap until Ben Arfa is fit). Thoughts?

    I can't decide if Downing will get consistent playing time in that bloated side (although he's one of the few out-and-out wingers) and Baines, while expensive, should bring in good points and I have the cash to spend.

  9. I think Baines is good, but I'm not sure he's value for money right now. Arteta is coming back from injury so they may share set-piece duty. Nothing wrong with Baines, but I find it hard to imagine he'll return 15-20 points week in and week out, which is what you would expect for that price.

  10. hi..my team for the first week in FPL was
    Ohara-Da silva-Nani_N Zogbia

    DJ campell-Rooney(C)-Dezko.

    there is unlimited changes for next round. I brought in Torres for Dezko..(2 homegame in a row. WBA and Norwich) Kaloue for N Zogbia. and Elmohamady for O hara..any comments?

  11. sessegnon or ben watson from wigan. what do folks think.

  12. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Help! Got Richards and Riise in defense, but i need a good defender for 5.84 or less. any ideas?

  13. Wilson (STO). Heitinga (EVE). Brown (SUN).