Scheduled Maintenance

UPDATE: The Y!FF game is back online.

All of a sudden, Y! greeting me with this.

Better than the experience over the weekend with the official Premier League game, but still lousy timing.  Here's the official game's apology and list of make-rights.  It's impressive.  Y!, please note that this is how to handle the situation.  Free does not excuse a lack of communication with your users any longer.


  1. i must an avid yahoo fantasy player for over 5 yrs...and my first time trying the official site and having the issue on saturday....after reading the official apology...i cant believe we have been treated so terribly by yahoo for so many years and not once gotten anything remotely close to that apology....Totally back to yahoo and their maintenance....sighhhhhhhhh

  2. paul mac4:56 PM

    god damn it.i took a chance on aguerro in my private leagues and it paid off.nobody had him but me but now with the unlimited transfers everybody is going to have him next week

  3. @Paul Mac--try to find comfort in the fact that you will do the same thing to them many times before the season is over. It's the nature of the Yahoo game (unlimited transfers), and that's that.

    David S