Nasri Selection for ARS Tomorrow?

Samir could be selected - Wenger | News

An interesting wrinkle that is being reported pretty widely at this point has Samir Nasri participating in a final match at the Emirates tomorrow against Liverpool before heading off to Eastlands for obscene amounts of money. If true, it would likely mean the following alignment for Arsenal tomorrow:


Sagna, Verm, Kos, Jenkinson

Frimpong, Ramsey, Nasri

Arshavin, RvP, Walcott

Honestly, not as hideously bad as it would look if there were yet another youngster (Lansbury or Ryo) in midfield. With Liverpool not exactly blazing with speed down the wings (or anywhere really) Jenkinson has a solid chance even if he's playing out of position. The key will be Frimpong and whether he can handle wave after wave of skilled Liverpool central midfielders without picking up one or more early cards.

Should be an interesting match and we'll look forward to sharing it with you with a Live Chat during the match.


  1. i think i am going to give ramsay a run

  2. Akshay11:18 PM

    why no gibbs? or is jenkinson always gonna be the first choice?

  3. so what's mr.Wenger best squad team for winner epl 2011-2012?

  4. @Akshay, gibbs is injured.

    Just seen this on BBC...

    "One Gunners fan I know has described the current Arsenal team as being the "worst for 25 years".....