Two More Private Leagues

I'm not sure if there are any spaces still open but two more private leagues have been posted.  Here's the info.

YFF Blog League 11
Group ID#: 6517
Password: footy

YFF Blog League 12
Group ID#: 6518
Password: blog

Cheers - Neal 


  1. Is the Bad Idea Teams league just evaporating? Say it ain't so...

  2. Man United, Berbatov and EPL supporters are all welcome in my group:

    Group ID#: 4223
    Password: berba

    Let's have another great fantasy season!

  3. Anonymous10:24 AM

    @Luke - Of course not, see Jeremy for details via email since that one isn't for public consumption :-)

  4. G-man6:22 PM

    Both groups full. You guys are uber-popular :)

    Unfortunately, traveling abroad and didn't get to join in time. I'm guessing 12 groups is the limit for groups hosted with 3 Yahoo id's.

    Good luck to all this season.