Barn Door Team - Week 3

Another disappointing week in week 2 has me scrambling for answers.  I'm trying to follow The Rules and Mo's Rules and it's not happening for me.  Looking at the team I have "on paper" for week three and I'm less than thrilled.

Rooney came in, but as well as he's doing he's going to have to keep producing at that level to be worth 20.  Would it be worth gambling with a cheaper option?  There are equally hot players like Long and Klasnic, as well as gambles with high upside like Torres.

In midfield it's all well and good but pehaps a little safe.  Yes, Cabaye is doing fine and he is home to Fulham.  But is he going to get the goal or score a ton of fantasy points?  I guess he could. But would it suit me more to field Sessegnon or Cahill who are more out-right attackers?

In defence, I like the idea of Bosingwa again but he's just a touch expensive. I wonder if I should just keep Richards for a little less.  I'd be happy enough with Brown - why did all of you gamble on him in a derby match? - but I'd be just as happy to get someone else.

So... all very wishy-washy.  But that's what a barn door team is -- a canvas.  A wet lump of clay to be molded over the course of the week.

How is your clay shaping up?

UPDATE:  Rooney/Cabaye/Bosingwa to Long/Malouda/Kelly?  Or will Barton's possible move to QPR enhance Cabaye's value enough to make him work keeping?


  1. Anonymous9:38 AM

    manu vs arsenal ... with the team wenger's gonna play, wouldnt it be a good option to line up all Jones, Evans and Smalling?

  2. Is it a good idea that keep on Danny Welbeck? I have Chris Brunt and Niko Kranjcar in my midfield...

  3. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I missed out on the opportunity for some fresh clay during the barndoor so my team looks as follows.

    De Gea


    Van der Vaart
    Ramsey (Filler - I don't expect much at all)


    Pretty pleased with it apart from Ramsey.

    Players I considered and may regret not having:
    Long, Welbeck, Hernandez, Cleverley, Sessegnon

  4. I hate the Mags but Obertan at under 3 is a steal, given the fact he is in full attack mode. At home against Fulham, on cloud 9 after stealing 3 points at the SoL...worth a gamble. That move allows me to get Odemwingie as well, at home to Stoke. Holding on to Sessengon, he will get his attacking opportunities as a 2nd striker/attacking mid at Swansea. Young and Rooney aren't disappointing me yet, Aguero and Silva on the cheap will have to do something bad for me to drop them. Figuero has done well so far and is at home to enigma QPR, I'll take my chances and hope for a goal from the midfield stripe.

  5. Oh, I was also thinking about switching Young around with someone. I can catch him on the next barn door if I need to. Charlie Adam is at home to Bolton, might be worth a look. MGP is at home to Everton, and after watching the Toffees last week, who doesn't like that idea...oh yeah, it is still Blackburn. If I wanted to be really bold, I'd pick up N'Zogs at home to Wolves...but just not sure if he's ready to start producing yet.

  6. Right now, I've got:

    Caldwell - Bosingwa - Smalling
    Silva - Young - RTaylor - Dyer
    Aguero - Suarez - Welbeck

    That's a lot of ManU, and a lot of hope that Arsenal is as punchless as they've seemed to be so far. Somehow, even with Sami gone, I don't trust that. Also, Welbeck is a head-scratcher. Does he play 60-70 and get subbed out for Chicharito? If so, I think he's worth a start. He looked so active and troublesome against Spurs, and the Arse defense hardly seems watertight right now. Can't see SAF not starting him after such a brilliant match.

    Although DDG & Welbeck pushed me to the top of Blog League 1 (and 88th overall), I still feel like a n00b to the Yahoo game.

  7. Does Nasri at Citeh diminish Silva's value? Baby Blue is overwhelmed with talent, but Silva seemed to have carved out that offensive gatekeeper 'thout shall go through me' kind of role. I know City is on the road, at Spurs, but I'm hard pressed to believe ANYONE will clean sheet Mancini's side this season with all the attack options.

  8. Rohan Trivedi11:44 AM

    I have a very 'jackpot-or-nothing' team for Week 3. I think I will be making more changes but I rather like it - even though it is one wherein I may have made some risky decisions: Like giving up De Gea at 6.xx, picking up D. Pugh and others. I am not giving too much away but really, this will be a make-it or break-it week for me!

  9. Jacob1:22 PM


    It is my assumption that Mancini plans on fitting Nasri in the starting XI with Silva.

    Bad news for AJ, Milner, and probably Barry.

    So to answer your question, it might actually increase the value if Nasri and Silva make a decent partnership.

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  11. I wouldn't throw out The Rules for a couple of bad weeks. The top three fantasy managers invested in 5+ players from City over the past two weeks. That seems like a short term strategy that won't hold over a whole season. I think the long term strategies will come good once the season settles in a little and, especially, once the double weeks start (may they be many).

    My BD team is a little random at the moment, but I picked up Welbeck and Anderson. Already had Rooney and (a somewhat disappointing) Lamps. I'm going to try to bring back in BFAY and/or Suarez. To my mind Chelsea, ManU, and Liverpool are the offensive buys this week. I'm willing to give Chelsea a couple more weeks before I get cautious about the combo of so-so play and too many players.

  12. De gea
    Richards Rangel agger
    Holliett Cabaye Silva tarrabt
    Long rooney bent

    Made about 5 changes from last week. Is Richards going to keep his door? Is risse still an option?

  13. basher
    i think young to adam is a great pick. i had ashley for the first 2 weeks, but i dropped him for malouda, and have dropped malouda for van der vaart. young will get 8-10 points most every match. when he gets a goal of a couple of assists he will get his cost. adam is a fantasy stud, as well, but he has better chance of scoring, plus a better matchup. another great pickup might be pedersen.

    my team
    de gea
    riise, smalling, rangel
    taarabt, van der vaart, r taylor, silva
    aguero, dzeko, rooney

    the changes i might make are subbing out riise, who did not do well in his last away game. if mata is a mid, i will replace taarabt with him. if aquero is not starting, klasnic will replace him. i do have $4.35 to spend. i am hoping for another 100 point week.

  14. Anonymous11:09 PM

    if there's one thing to be learnt from the start of this season, its that you should never bank on a home clean sheet, no matter how weak the opposition are on paper (qpr at everton, west brom at chelsea, blackburn at villa, sunderland at anfield, etc, etc). attacking defenders are the safest bet. as for attackers, it doesn't seem to matter who they are playing, if they are decent players on form they will pick up points (long vs mu and chelsea, suarez vs arsenal, rooney vs tottenham, etc). AR

  15. Anonymous12:50 AM

    I am a noob Yank playing in his first Yahoo EPL league. Can I ask for the names of a few good attacking defenders to play this week? Thanks

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  17. bainess, asley cole, bosingwa, evra, sagna, johnson, riise, kolarov are attack minded defenders.

  18. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Thanks munafix!