Injuries and Suspensions - Week 1

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So, what to make of all the injury news discussed behind the link above?

Here are my rapid-fire thoughts:

United: Evra's injury and likely omission makes me very wary of all United defenders. I can see the case for having one or both of Fabio and Rafael in your line-up but both are petulant (read, prone to yellow cards) and I'm not sure how solid a defense featuring the two of them and DDG might look on the road where United struggled last season with a better left back and a better keeper.

City: What to make of the Aguero situation. Sounds like he'll play but only as a substitute. In my mind, this means that Dzeko and Balotelli will start but that Balotelli will be subbed early. Sounds like Dzeko is the soundest bet of the group to play 90.

NUFC: HBA is out for NUFC which removes one extremely cheap option fro your list. Barton is also a question. Going to be a rough opener for Newcastle with both attacking midfielders out and Enrique missing/gone as well.

Arsenal: Arsenal are their typical mess heading into the opener. I'd imagine RvP and Gibbs will pull through and join Walcott and Verm as available to start. With Wilshere out and Cesc/Nasri unlikely, you have to like Ramsey's chances of making an impact. Ditto Rosicky who, to my knowledge, hasn't hurt himself yet this season (which is how you know its still early).

Bolton: No Tuncay yet for Bolton as he waits for his work permit. Eagles has a chance to make a nice debut impact against newly promoted QPR.

Liverpool: Nothing specific on Suarez meaning that Andy Carroll is your best bet from among the Liverpool forwards. Skertl is definitely out meaning there will be little choice but for Agger to start which makes for a nice bargain.

Liverpool Again: No word yet on whether Enrique will get his debut for Liverpool this weekend. It appears that his signing has gone through though.

Blackburn: Rovers are likely missing their two starting CBs which tells me Wolves could be in for some early season joy on the road between a solid attack and a fortified defense with newly acquired Roger Johnson.


  1. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Hi All,

    any comments about my team?:

    J. Riise / Caldwell / Gibbs
    Moses / Silva / Taarabt / Downing
    Gervinho / Suarez / VPersie

    good luck to all!


  2. Suarez a doubt...Caldwell a waste of space ;). Apart from that it looks good! You can get more opinions here: :)

  3. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Hi Peterorange,

    I know this site, I look at it before every match. Normally there are a few match previews on friday afternoon, but untill now there are no matches previewed. I think everybody is waiting for the latest new before publishing.

    Suarez is a gamble. If Daglish tells more tomorrow, I might still switch him to Carroll (and upgrade Caldwell to Verm). Nontheless, Caldwall is the captain of Wigan and on paper it's a good chance for a CS. I doubt the Wigan will start a season in the same style as last year? ...

  4. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Any idea for D. Goodwillie / blackburn?

  5. Any reason why no one is higher on n'zogbia? With Young and Downing gone he should get most of the free kicks and a lot of phantom points. I know they are away to Fulham but..... Any particular reason I should stay away?

  6. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Hi all,

    Stay with suarez till the bitter end. I don't think Daglish trusts the newest crop of British Transfer the same vein of Ireland, Barry and Milner they have more hype than actual skill. I hope downing the downer does NOT play. Carroll is just too one demensional, and easily scouted. N'Zogbia's fitness is a HUGE other words I don't expect him to play more than 60 minutes.

    Anonymous, your defense looks a bit awful, get you some Wigan and Fulham defensive coverage, Hughes should be cheap in any format. Id say don't listen to him about blackburn's CB's. I would doubt that Samba would miss this match. I would also downgrade Downing, get someone that is nailed would it make you feel if Maxi starts and not Stuart, could you be mad...? this is a guy that had two hat tricks last season. I would probably still go with both Arsenal guys up front, just pretend that Gervinho is a midfielder.

    Other Anonymous,

    I would go with Roberts up front from Blackburn. He's been in outstanding form and WILL find the net again.