Provisional Line Up

You know, I don't hate this team... yet.

I'm looking to move my premium pick from Nani to Robin van Persie but I'm afraid that's too many eggs in the Arsenal basket.  They have most players away for internationals today, then at Newcastle a the weekend with a tough but oh so vital Champions League qualification match against Udinese on Tuesday.  I worry about their focus.  Also, I think there's more value at the 6-something range at forward than in midfield.  That being said I could swap Holt for Formica.  However, while Formica has been good in pre-season, I'm hesitant to gamble on him and Rovers, even at home, against Wolves.

Oh, and specifically about the Ramsey pick...

FCB will pay 40m euros (30 fixed+5 variables+5m that Cesc will take off wages). Only little details to confirm but been told done by weekendless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

What do you think, and how is your starting XI shaping up?


  1. Eric Werner12:23 PM

    Nani over Young?

  2. Call it a post-Community Shield glow.

  3. Anonymous12:28 PM

    carrol over suarez? he is back training !

  4. Back in training, but still a doubt for the weekend.

  5. Reina




  6. Rohan Trivedi1:05 PM

    How sure are you about Gervinho?

  7. Pretty sure. He seems like the real deal - a direct attacker who can create and score. With Walcott injured, Cesc leaving, and Nasri seemingly out the door too, I'm tipping him to start and shine.

  8. Daniel1:24 PM

    With all the new attacking talent I think 3 forwards is the only way to go. I chose Rooney, Aguero, and Danny Graham.

    Uniteds front 4 looks nice and fluid and Rooney looks like he could do much better than last year. Also, he's the type of player that still brings in points even when he's not scoring.
    I can't decide between Graham and Gervinho. They both seem good value.

    Gibbs, Vermaelen, and Ben Arfa will probably join my squad when they recover and start playing again. Gibbs looks especially good, at that price and already showing a nice assist in the last friendly.

    Question: since De Gea might not start for a while would you take Given until he does or will D.Gea's price go astronomical before he's even shown anything?

  9. Rohan Trivedi1:25 PM

    Oh! Thanks for the response but, I just noticed, doesn't Gibbs have a muscle strain? I don't think he is expected back atleast until 20th August, is he?

  10. Anonymous1:29 PM

    No Aguero in your team?

  11. Gibbs is so cheap that I might just keep him regardless of his injury status. Depending on the team news, Fabio might be an option with Evra sitting out France's game today. But I have a suspicion that he'll be fine for Sunday.

    As for Aguero, I would LOVE to field him but Mancini has to decide to do so first.

  12. Gibbs injured, as has been said above. Doesn't make sense to have him the first week even at that price. He's going to be just as cheap after missing a game. You should pick someone who will get some points.

    Why Hart instead of DeGea? You don't think he'll be benched for the Shield do you?

    Silva was not a good point earner last season. I guess there's a chance he could change that this season, but I think there are better picks this week while we wait to see how he's lining up with City's 73 strikers to deal with.

  13. given

    smalling alex-lescott

    nani N zobia-o hara-D silva

    Rooney-Dezko-Dj campell

    How does that smell?

  14. I'm waiting until later in the week for more solid team news to decide my defense.

    As for Silva, yes he started slowly but he came on later in the season and was value for money.

    I picked Hart over De Gea because I think Hart has a better chance of collecting points at home against a promoted side than De Gea, on the road against a not-terrible WBA. Yes, Hart is more expensive, but I can see Peter Snow or Long ruining DDG's day quicker than I can see Danny Graham doing it to Hart.

    And yes, I realize that I'm setting myself up for a horrible result by even talking about this "out loud". But I guess that's the price one pays for blogging.

  15. Max, I do like the looks of your team... if not its smell.

  16. this is in fantays premier leagu game..i have 0.5 mills left..but somethings tells me that O hara will have good season..but i can replace him for taarabt or wilshere...So thats the x factor for first few rounds. really hard time to pick one of those

  17. I've gone: Given, Kompany, Vidic, Hangeland, Gabbidon, cleverely, malouda, downing, barton, Van persie, saurez

  18. Same with my team, anti-Aguero=)

  19. Redfordio10:01 PM

    Kelly Richards Alex
    Nani Downing O'hara Taarbat
    Rooney Caroll Rodallega

  20. Redfordio10:02 PM

    No Chelsea players Jeremy?

  21. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Yahoo Team

    De Gea
    Riise Agger Richards
    Nani Moses Ramsey Silva
    Carroll Gervinho Ba


  22. i am happy that sessegnon finally got into the system, but i do not know if i want to pick him up at liverpool. he would be finally fill my team.

    and noone is mentioning that there might be some cancellations for snow, oh i mean riots. anyone living in england, that can give us an idea, of which games would be risky.

  23. The games most at risk are the ones in London - TOT/EVE, QPR/BOL, and FUL/ASt.

    We should know more tomorrow.

  24. Too much uncertainty around Chelsea, and they open on the road. However, Torres went out of the Spain match today with an ankle injury and Sturridge is suspended. So maybe it's time to move Nani to Drogba.

  25. Justin Moses? and is Gervinho not going to play as winger?

  26. Tottenham Vs Everton is off....

  27. Victor Moses, and I'm not ready to go there.

    Arsenal's wingers are nominally strikers so I'm not worries about that.

  28. jehoefah12:01 PM

    remember not to start any spurs or everton players...

    richards hangeland dunne
    nani young pennant n'zogbia
    rvp drogba odemwingie

    tough matchup for wba, but i like odie's chances. is rvp def playing?

  29. jehoefah12:26 PM

    let me edit by saying my team listed is through metro, not yahoo.

  30. jehoefah12:59 PM

    yahoo league is tougher...

    gibbs w. brown richards
    nani ramsay taarabt pennant
    ba dzeko suarez

  31. First timer here
    De gea
    Luiz Risse Rangel
    Dempsey Cabaye Taarabt Silva Hoillet
    Carroll Bent

    May have to replAce Luiz this week.

  32. @Jbird, I expect Alex to be the starter over Luiz this season but much remains to be seen. There are also injury issues which hopefully we'll learn more about tomorrow.

  33. I put shawcross in for Luiz

  34. Johnathan7:54 PM

    Looking for some input one my lineup, first timer here.


    Any suggestions or comments would help a lot. Thanks!
    This team is from my fantasy premier league

  35. Anonymous7:47 AM

    What do you reckon on my team (first timer)

    De Gea

    any changes (made on yahoo)

  36. Barton won't be playing will he? Even if he does, why have him against Arse?

    For that money, you could snag Dempsey or N'zogs, or save some $ and go with a guy like Jamie O'hara.

  37. Okay...I think I'm set.

    Richards Riise Fabio
    Ramsey Taarabt Emerton Silva Dempsey
    RvP DJC

  38. Andres9:09 PM

    First time playing fantasy EPL, here is my team:

    Richards, Caldwell, Riise
    Silva, Taarabt, Duff, A.Young
    Gervinho, Carroll, Dzeko

    Is a 3-4-3 the best way to go? Also, I have 2.49 in funds remaining...any recommendations to improve my team? Thanks

  39. Anonymous5:04 AM

    Made a couple of changes to 7.47 comment

    De Gea

    Think its slightly better, but I only have 0.5 million left. any more changes or am i good to go?