Swap Meet

Funny thing about this transfer window is that teams have seemingly stocked up on redundant players rather than addressing clearer needs.  Also, we've seen a further concentration of players at the top as the biggest clubs fill out their 25-man rosters with full internationals while clubs below them are looking to academy and youth players to play a larger first-team role.  How do we address this?  Not being shy of an opinion, we offer our solution:

Based on the rumoured "Nasri for Tevez" swap, here are some ideas for player swaps that would help both sides.

Drogba for Modric
Chelsea want Modric, but Spurs are playing hardball and demanding an exorbitant fee.  Spurs are desperate for a striker, any striker, to help keep them in the hunt for Champions League football.  So, let's swap players!

Meireles for Shawcross
Stoke are desperate for some source of creativity in their central midfield and we're all well aware of Liverpool's glut of players in that department.  Also, Liverpool are looking to shore up their central defence as Carragher continues to age and neither Skrtel or Agger can put together a consistent run of matches.   So, let's swap players!

Adebayor for Aquilani
Back to Liverpool's bloated squad.  This swap makes sense for both teams in terms of shoring up their squads where they lack depth.  Adebayor would be an excellent "understudy" for Carroll as he would bring many of the same attributes to the team - good in the air, headcase, etc.  In return, Manchester City get another creative player who could be cover for Silva or be an alternative to Milner in the middle of the park. So, let's swap players!

Cahill, Reo-Coker for Vela, Bendtner, and Oxlade-Chamberlain
Bolton are reasonably well represented in central midfield with Muamba, Holden, Pratley, M Davies, S Davis as "specialists" while Ricardo Gardner can also play there.  They also have a ready-made replacement for Cahill in David Wheater.  In return for sending their commanding center-back to Arsenal they would get the attacking tools that they desperately need.  Bendtner could play though the middle with, or in place of, Davies while Vela can play across the front line.  In Oxlade-Chamberlain, Owen Coyle would get another youngster to mould and would provide cover on the wings with Chyong-Lee out with his broken leg.  So, let's swap players!

What swaps would you propose?


  1. Anonymous4:26 PM

    I agree with all those swaps. Although I don't really understand why Reo-Coker and Chamberlain are mentioned having just signed with both clubs.

  2. Not unheard of for clubs to send a signing out on loan almost immediately. See Chelsea's new keeper for just the most recent example.

    Also, I'm pulling this out of my elbow so you'll have to give me some leeway. ;-)

  3. Rohan Trivedi4:34 PM

    Berbatov and Michael Carrick for Modric, maybe?

  4. Bojan5:27 PM

    great post Jeremy. all good moves. but tott will be in front of chelsea if they get drogba.

  5. Kellz6:08 PM

    Fun to generate some interesting swaps.

    No way I'd swap Meireles for Shawcross, just saying :D

    Spearing for Shawcross would be closer in my valuation.

  6. i would be scared that drogba would score only one goal, if he came to tottenham.

  7. Daniel1:46 PM

    The Drogba/Modric swap would be perfect -- if Drogba was 26. At his age he'd be great for a season but end up really just being a stop-gap and Spurs would be in the exact same position next season only without a bargaining piece. I'd rather take Sturridge + 30 for Modric. That'd be fair.

    Adebayor for Aquilani might be a little lopsided, as Adebayor seems a much better player, but he'll just sit on the bench of City keep him. Liverpool would be considered rivals, though, and City seems more keen to waste money on players rotting than taking (even) a good deal for them.

    The Bolton Arsenal deal seems the most interesting as it seems pretty fair and would solve issues for both teams.