Spurs Sign Goalkeeper Brad Friedel

Tottenham Hotspur Sign Goalkeeper Brad Friedel - SBNation.com

Spurs have started their attempt to consolidate Europa League football for the immediate future (sorry, is that too realistic?) with the signing of Big Bad Brad Friedel (BBBF). There were times this season when Villa couldn't defend to save their lives, but I think that was more to do with the defence in front of him than his own play. We'll see how it turns out. He should be an upgrade from Gomes and give Spurs a steady foundation for league success. But he isn't getting younger, and again there were times this season when it just didn't click.

This means that likely Villa will sign a new keeper as well as Guzan may not be ready for prime-time yet. Expect them to put in a bid for Ali Al-Habsi. I wouldn't expect them to get reunited with Thomas Sorenson, but stranger things have happened. Maybe even Almunia? We'll have to wait and see.


  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    I'm not a fan of this signing, but I am?!
    1. Is he REALLY an upgrade over Gomes? some days yes, some no, but It HAS to be YES everytime to be a good signing.
    2. SO where does this leave Cudicini? He signed a 1 year deal and Friedel's 2 year deal. I thought CUdicini could push for #1 job, but maybe now 3rd?
    3. Gomes has got to go now. Sell him while he has a BIT of value, cut your losses and go status quo for a year or 2 then sign a new/younger keeper (Alnwick won't cut it I don't think)
    4. I LIKE it because it's free. How can you go wrong with a free transfer?! Gallas was mint.


  2. I think Carlo is very happy to collect his check every week without working too hard. He's Winston Bogarde with better press.

    As for Gomes, I heard a rumour that he was going back to PSV with Isakson moving on from there.

  3. Klinsman2:34 AM

    From a fantasy perspective, does this really matter? Don't we all already have our keeper for the season?

  4. For the Y! game, definitely.

  5. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Apologies for digressing from the content of the post, but that photoshop work is terrific, whoever came up with the idea. It combines the design of the 1983 Topps baseball card set with a modified Topps All-Star Rookie trophy that was left off the cards from 1979-86. Brilliant! (Boy, that took me back. I can talk baseball card design the way elderly men sometimes talk about cars.) Thanks for the post.

  6. friedel is my favorite goalie of all time. let us hope that father time has not taken its toll to much. if he does not take the starting spot, then spurs have a great goalie to start all of the europa and cup games. van der sar just played when he was 40.