Baines a target for Manchester City

...while Alexander Kolarov has convinced few so a new left-back might come in, possibly Leighton Baines.

What a strange, strange statement. I wonder if it gave the same pause to write that as I took in reading it?

Don't get me wrong - Baines has been great the last few years (and before that it was his play at Wigan that got him the big move to Everton in the first place). But a move to Manchester City is dictated by so much more than football. Is Baines really the sexy signing that will catapult City through the Champions League? I just can't imagine the brass at City are looking to Baines to solid up the team.

Not that they shouldn't... I just can't imagine that they would.


  1. Cincilatori9:43 AM

    I was hoping you were going to post it in here, but...WHAT A GOAL By Hassli (Sea-Van)...!!! One of the best I've seen in my life. And coming from a league where football is still called soccer (HAH!) =)...!!!

  2. Cincilatori9:51 AM

    Btw, Baines for City would upgrade their team ENORMOUSLY (in my opinion)...!!! They need his flair AND defensive abilities too. With another classy CB in Lesc/Kolo place and with the depth in defence they have, they may surpass Chelsea (cuz they already have surpassed ManUre) as the best defence in the league. And as we've seen it this season, defence wins you the title (e.g. Manure)...!!!

    As, Liverpool fan, I'd be dreaming to have Baines join us, but to be realistic, that's never going to happen...!!!

    Great, GREAT capture by City if that one is to go through...!!! But, as you said it perfectly right, I don't think City officials are looking at the likes of Baines. They want "bigger" names to improve on their club profile...!!! Baines is not a "big" name, but he is a HUGE player (ok, NOT literally =))...!!!


  3. Was Kolorav really all that bad? He's got reasonable crossing ability, great set-piece skills, and is a solid defender. Doesn't that sound like Baines? I man, Baines might be a slight upgrade in each category, but worth a huge purchase?

    And Everton sure could use the money...

    And oh yeah! This is MAN CITY we're talking about!

    Seems like they need to spend on some quality front men if Tevez leaves - Ballotelli and Dzeko up front? Ha!

  4. Baines could be brilliant for a Champions League player.

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  5. i am still hoping baines and gibbs play the left side of the defense this year for arsenal.

  6. Geoff, do you really see Kolarov as being a solid defender?

  7. If Citeh are serious about WINNING rather than just putting together a team of sexy big names then they'll look pretty seriously at buying Baines. Kolarov is probably a better than average LB in the Prem but I can't see him being mentioned among the best two-way players in the world like an Ashley Cole or the Patrice Evra of a couple of years ago.

    If they're just looking for a sexy pick they'll stick with Kolarov (who is a nice fantasy player) or find a Brazilian who is faster and trickier.

  8. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Baines isnt any better, infact its safe to call him shyte