Giovani Dos Santos Goal

Johnny Two-Saints finishes off Chicharito's hard work and seals the Gold Cup final for Mexico.

The bandwagon is growing. Why shouldn't GDS be Rafael Van Der Vaart's understudy at Spurs? VDV can't finish matches because he's too fragile. Why not have GDS available with fresh legs to come into those matches? He plays the same free role that VDV excels at - albeit with a preference for the right, rather than the left, but it would allow for a substitution that wouldn't disrupt the formation or the style of play.


  1. Anonymous7:15 PM

    the new adel taarabt

  2. Cheeky goal!!
    Don't get me started about GDS. Spurs are getting labelled as a 'wasted youth' academy.

  3. absolutely horrific defending. don't even get me started. i was actually at the match with my Dempsey shirt in a sea of Mexico fans, had beer dumped on me after that goal.. that was a great finish by Gio, but would never get away with that in the premier league. disappointed in Howard on that one, disappointed in Bocanegra for giving it away after covering Chicharo, disappointed in Bradley, really disappointed in Jones for sitting there watching... anyway, cheers to Mexico, they deserved the win and earned it, but USA just played terribly.
    it was really strange trying to support the US team with 95% of 93,000 cheering for Mexico in Pasadena, CA, USA
    by the way, Chicharito is the bandwagon if the fans at the Rose Bowl were any indication, I would say about 8 out of 10 mexico jerseys were Chicharito.