All the Attention Going to his Head

Is it just me being out of the loop, or is Wayne Rooney's hair plugs not getting the attention it deserves?

Good for him for defusing the situation by being open and honest about it. But "Ew" and "Really?".


  1. Seamus11:55 AM

    Just makes his head look bigger.

  2. Even the very best hairplug procedures look terrible. It's so much easier and respectable to just be "bald guy." This looks like very short hair option number 3 on PES.

  3. Rooney wasn't much of a looker to begin with, and this has brought him to a new low.

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  4. Anonymous8:41 PM

    well if they ever do a shrek/frankenstein mash-up film i guess we know who's getting the call...

  5. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Just for the record it should read. "Still a bit bloody too (not to)."