Liverpool Transfer Policy

Liverpool close in on Blackburn's Phil Jones and Sunderland's Jordan Henderson | Mail Online

I don't understand Liverpool's transfer policy.  Jones, maybe.  They need options at center back with Carragher getting older and Agger likely to move on.  But Henderson?  They already have two world-class players for the advanced central midfield position and one of their weaknesses last season was trying to shoehorn both Steven Gerrard and Raul Miereles into the same side. Now they want even more depth with Henderson?  It just doesn't seem to meet a need on their part. And as for the player himself, does he look forward to a bench role? Is it just money, or does he expect to oust one, or both of the aforementioned players out of the side?


  1. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Seem's like the club are looking to buy some of Britain's top young talent, building for the future.

  2. Jones is a great buy. Partner with wilson for a center back pairing for the next few years. A perfect understudy to Carra. Agger is often injured and Skrtel lacks the reliability. a backline of Flanagan, Wilson, Jones and Kelly seems to be the liverpool back four for the next 5 years.

    As for Henderson, I think it's for the eventual shuffling out of foreign players and to increase the talent of their homegrown players. Kuyt and Maxi are reaching the tail end of their careers. While Henderson has yet to prove he has the skill of Maxi, Meireles and Joe Cole (ok I'm being kind to Cole), he at the very least can play the Spearing role with more ease and creativity. This is clearly "one for the future," but by nabbing some of the UK's best young talents, the valuable homegrown roster spots will be taken by quality and not quantity.

    While I'm unsure what Dalglish's tactics will be next season (personnel well dictate it), it's certainly not a bad idea to lock down the homegrown talent before they switch to United or City.

  3. I'm with Jeremy on this one - Jones makes sense for just about any of the big teams with the possible exception of Citeh - none are rock solid with young players at CB/HM.

    On Henderson, I know how much it must have hurt Jeremy (who has an admitted soccer crush on Henderson) to write that his move to a bigger club doesn't make sense but I have to agree. Liverpool are one or two years too late to cash in on Gerrard and one or two years too early to be spending huge to put him out to pasture with a youngster who will require playing time to mature into being worth his price.

    If I were 'Pool I'd be spending that money on Jones and a winger or two.