Ashley Young heads to Manchester United

UPDATE: More thoughts on the Ashley Young to Manchester United deal as it was just finalized (23 June) here.


Ashley Young heads to Manchester United but Phil Jones deal stalls | Football | The Guardian
Manchester United will officially sign Ashley Young when the Aston Villa forward returns from holiday later this month but their capture of Phil Jones from Blackburn Rovers has been delayed by a dispute over the defender's transfer fee...

Blackburn's owners, Venky's, have since said they do not have to accept a £16m transfer fee and, mindful of interest from Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal, believe he is worth more. Venky's have refused to transfer the player's registration and it may fall to lawyers to decide whether the wording in Jones' contract allows him to be sold at £16m or merely speak to clubs who meet that price. United are said to have no concerns that Jones' transfer will be completed and for £16m.

Young is believed to have agreed personal terms on an initial £16m move to Old Trafford from Villa Park but the transfer will not be formally announced until he has completed a medical.
We've been fans of Ashley Young since the beginning and coined "Blog Favorite" in his honor. Now he's moving on to the big, big time and we can't wait to see what it means for his career and for his fantasy production.

Of course, there are a lot of unanswered questions. Does this herald Nani's departure? Certainly we would expect Young to come in off the left and Valencia the right, with Rooney and Chicharito through the middle....

Heh! Maybe the questions have very clear answers. ;-)

The Jones situation will be interesting to monitor. Surely the likes of Liverpool (and others) will try to out-bid United and get Venky's blessing on a move. I would guess that Jones will have his mind set on United and will fight to end up there. But it will certainly give us something to write about for a while.


  1. Ochoa8:01 PM

    Does this make Downing better (fantasy) b/c he'll take all the kicks? or worse b/c Villa will not be as good?

  2. I would think it will make Downing very attractive. Albrighton too as he'll likely get more playing time. And these guys will be feeding DBent more than looking for their own points so that makes him attractive.

    But there is a lot of time between now and then and a lot of moves, on the field and in the manager's seat, to come.

  3. Liverpool desperately need some good wingers (can Henderson play wing?) - I was hoping for one of either Young or Downing (in that order). But now that you mention it Jeremy, a Liverpool swipe for Albrighton would be VERY interesting.

  4. Henderson has played on the right of midfield, but is a more natural central player.

  5. Anonymous2:11 PM

    I heared that Venky's don't know the situation. As many other players Jones has buy out close 16m, so it's a done deal. But they think that it is like in baseball so they think that hey can get more money. But I really don't know baseball rulles.


  6. This could be a good signing for United; as long as it is one complemented by an attacking midfield acquisition.

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