David De Gea says farewell to Atletico Madrid

David De Gea in tears as new Manchester United keeper says farewell to Atletico Madrid | Mail Online
David De Gea broke down in floods of tears last night as he bade farewell to Atletico Madrid, just hours after his first interview as a Manchester United player.

Uh oh.

The last player I remember having such a hard time leaving his Spanish club was Arsenal's Jose Antonio Reyes. He too was in tears upon leaving Sevilla, where he had played since the age of 15. And despite the occasional flash of brilliance, he never settled into what was very much Thierry Henry's Arsenal team.

Now I'm not saying that De Gea is another Reyes. But what would worry me is that the United keeper job is SO high pressure.  It has chewed up and spit out the likes of Taibi, Carroll, Howard, and seemingly most recently Kuzszcak.  I know that the reviews of De Gea praise his mental strength, and I'm not going to judge based on this moment.

But still, it does give one a little pause.


  1. paul mac8:43 AM

    oh well super signing for united.looks like we are all playing yahoo with 10 players next season as we will all have de gea for around 5 million

  2. tears worked so well for the Miami Heat too. Sorry couldn't help myself

  3. @mags, until we see De Gea, Young and Jones unveiled at an Air Force base...

    Come to think of it... who has the necessary Photoshop chops to make this happen?

  4. De Gea really left an impression in just about 18 months in La Liga. He´s a great all-around keeper and never breaks down. Those were a few tears of emotion, not a of sign of weakness. The guy is the cold-blooded type. Brilliant signing for ManU!

    Reyes never disconnected from his Seville lifestyle and did nothing to give it a try. Always lacked the strength and professionalism.