Levesque Goal Celebration

Last night, Seattle Sounders forward Roger Levesque - who just looks like a crazy person, but in a good way - unveiled a new goal celebration. It was quick, simple and brilliantly funny.

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Levesque, in his own words:
"That's something Mike Fucito and I have been working on for awhile now. I didn’t really expect it to knock the wind out of me."

See?  Crazy, but in a good way.

Tenuous EPL connection, if you need one: Kasey Keller and Teemu Tainio played while Thierry Henry missed the match through suspension.


  1. Le Pantouflard12:16 PM

    Lefeck has always been one of my biggest soccer villains. That goal celebration was pure quality though.

  2. Gold Cup final tomorrow, go USA!
    I was hoping to get tickets, but it was sold out before the teams were even decided this week. All these damn ticket brokers bought everything up, cheapest ticket is like $120

  3. MehicoRadio1:59 AM

    The thing I find sadder about that, is that is still at least a $100 dollars cheaper then tickets for the Baseball All-Star Home Run Derby O_O.

    Still pretty expensive for the Gold Cup. I'll bet there will be a ton of Mexico fans there, be like an away game without the elevation.

    The Levesque celebration was great.

  4. Absolutely brilliant!

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