Rooney avoids FA charge

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Rooney avoids FA charge - Yahoo! Eurosport
Wayne Rooney has avoided punishment for catching Wigan's James McCarthy with his elbow despite referee Mark Clattenburg having only a peripheral view of the incident.

The Football Association have been told by Clattenburg that he feels he administered the appropriate action, which leaves the governing body powerless to launch disciplinary proceedings against the 25-year-old.
Imagine a just universe where Rooney is sent off and takes a minus-6 for his double game week and I feel SO GOOD about not gutting my fantasy team to buy him. And then remember that we live a cruel, harsh reality where justice is dead and Rooney is on 18pts for the week with a game in hand. :-(


  1. It had to be Rooney in a double week with SAF playing with a lone striker lately(which didnt happen at Wigan but its been his preferred lineup lately). Not to have him is suicide considering many YFF people picked him up for the double.

  2. Backcountry Dave1:05 PM

    Yeah, I have him and I feel dirty. As much as I covet those points right now, he deserved punishment.

    Backcountry Dave

  3. Gavin4:02 PM

    Sour Grapes ;)

  4. Anonymous5:59 PM

    oh and don't forget that Arsenal lost their final, while you're lamenting your tough weekend

  5. Anonymous8:03 PM

    I'm still wondering when Berbatov became unselfish. He takes that shot instead of the pass 90% of the time. Could've used that goal...

    P.S. Spurs stink.

  6. what a disgrace. How did he not get a ban for that?

  7. The Guad Squad10:50 PM

    and campbell is out till the 4th of April!?!?!?!?!?!?!? this world is definitely not just...

  8. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Let me see if I have this right. Abou Diaby is condemned as the great clown who let his team down, and was primarily responsible for them blowing a four goal lead, when all he was guilty of was thinking that he deserved the same consideration as Rayne Wooney. In the meantime the Premier League championship will probably be determined by the decision of a referee who doesn't have the gonads to admit that he made a mistake. Why bother playing the balance of the season - let the coronation begin.

  9. Anonymous2:07 AM

    The FA always bias to man u

  10. No doubt about that, i agree with Anonymous @ 2:07 AM...
    The referees & linesmen should simply wear Man U jerseys for all matches involving Man U; that will at least clarify things from start...

  11. Anonymous5:00 AM

    The fix is on.
    I knew it from the moment Neville escaped his second yellow vs Stoke.
    A total crock of shit.

    I am ashamed that I prostituted myself with 7 MU players this week.... though cracking the top 500 is nice :)

  12. Anonymous5:57 AM

    yeah refs are to blame for all those trophyless seasons of arsenal, it's their fault that arsenal lost to 16th team on the table in their only chance to win something this year. and i bet it really hurts when you fill your teams with manu palyes that do great fantasy job, bunch of hypocrites

  13. paul mac9:45 AM

    what the hell is wrong with some they not know the rules of the game.the referee say the challenge by rooney spoke to him gave him a warning and a free to wigan.that was the refs decision and that is final.there is nothing that the fa can do about it as the ref saw the incident and acted on it.its out of the fa hands once the ref makes his decision weather the decision is right or this case he got it wrong in my opinion and im a united fan but thats the end of the story.
    with regards to the people crying fix learn the bloody rules.when ferdinand done the same thing last season and was caught off camera and not seen by the ref then the fa acted and banned him for 4 games which was the right decision.i did not hear any united fans crying fix last season when this happened.
    at the end of the day the refs decision is final and nothing fa can do about it.i dont hear anybody crying out for the arsenal keeper to get a ban as he should have been sent off after 3 minutes but the linesman made a mistake

  14. Jeremy and Neal - Where are you guys ranked on the year?

  15. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Dear 5:57; Arsenal's wins or losses have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on whether or not Clattenburg blew the call, whether or not the FA was unable to convince him that he did not properly see the assault, whether or not he should change his mind based on video evidence, whether or not ManU facing Chelsea, Liverpool, and Orient/Arsenal, without Rooney, would alter the outcomes. The reality is that we will never know. And as to your condescending comment about hypocrites I have never, ever, chosen a ManU player for my fantasy team, have won my league for six consecutive years and am currently leading. But, by all means, continue to dwell in your alternate reality of unfounded opinions and ignore the real world.

  16. Anonymous10:40 AM

    so what?!

    MU will begin to lose everything from today!!